4 Great Getaway Destinations for Exceptional Beauty, Tanning & Relaxation

There are times when you wish for a no more arduous task then perfecting your tan in a stunning locale, on a well-deserved vacation. Tanning to you might mean lying in the warm sunshine, a comfortable hammock, or perhaps you’d rather join a game of beach volleyball, go kite surfing, zip lining, hiking or exploring. Regardless of your vacation relaxation preference, whether energetic or completely tranquil, we’ve got some travel inspiration—beautiful destinations designed to shift your mind into travel paradise relaxation mode. Consider the following out-of-the-way spots to sun yourself and relax, in whatever way suits your fancy:

Ilhabela, Brazil

Journey to this Brazilian island where the lush and dark mysterious rainforest meets the beach. Most of the island is a UNESCO world heritage site, left in its wild state, which will never be overrun with tourists. Hike through the forest and take in the amazing sights and sounds, including exotic, brightly colored birds like the red-breasted Toucan, cute and curious capuchin monkeys, and awe-inspiring hidden waterfalls–only to emerge onto a beautiful beach. Snorkel in the rock pools at Praia do Julião, a small, white-sand beach. Sailing is big here, too, so indulge!

Pondicherry, India

Pondicherry is also known as the French Riviera of the East because of its history as a French colony. This area also has beautiful beaches and shoreline like the French Riviera. When you’re not at the beach tanning, there is visual and spiritual beauty in abundance. In addition to lovely French colonial architecture, you also have churches and temple buildings in graceful Indian forms that redefine what a “building” is. There is so much to do, you might consider combining things – for instance, beach meditation, or yoga on the sand. Spend a culturally rich afternoon visiting Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Pondicherry Museum. Indulge in delicious seafood meals and enjoy activities like surfing and scuba at Karaikal and Serenity beaches.

Sedona, AZ

Here you can enjoy fun in the desert sun, far away from any beach. The stunning Sedona sunsets are some of the most colorful in the world. Take a jeep or hike to explore the amazing “natural architecture” of desert rock formations in Red Rock State Park. And if that’s something you really enjoy, the awe-inspiring Holy Cross Chapel is another breathtaking architectural piece. One of the most relaxing activities is the self-guided Verde Valley Wine Trail tour to the local wineries and tasting rooms. Or step into the spa before venturing into the sun again. Among many options, you could balance your chakras, have a clay wrap or salt scrub, or schedule a massage, complete with cool marble stones or hot rocks. The possibilities are endless.

Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama

Two islands in this group stand out: Isla Colón and Carenero Island. Starfish Beach on Isla Colón will not disappoint. With the plentiful sea stars found on its ocean floor, it makes for the perfect beach destination. Also consider visiting Bluff Beach, a popular nesting area for endangered turtles. Here you can lounge on the sand and watch the awesome and powerful waves break on the shore. (With strong riptides, only pro surfers/swimmers should venture into the water.) Take a water taxi to visit blissfully quiet and scenic Carenero Island, which is heavily forested and completely car-free. Stay at an over-the-water hotel and lounge on your deck or the beach and take part in any and all of the water sports!

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