5 cocktail party makeups that compliment your dresses

Just like your wardrobe makeup also requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. The event, the lighting, the color of your wardrobe, the shape of your face and so many minute details play a key role in determining the ideal make up for any day. Your make up reflects your style and attitude and needs to fit you well for you to carry it with elegance. While it is easy to become pro with everyday office makeup, creating the perfect look for a short dressy top you choose to wear to a fancy cocktail event could be slightly tricky.

So here are 5 simple styles of makeup you can try for your next cocktail event to be subtle and create a to the point look.

The basic steps

Before you dive deep into experimenting with different looks the basic makeup steps for the occasion remain the same. These are quite important steps. For a brief follow these steps before you start creating varying styles and looks.

  • Start by cleansing your skin and instantly moisturizing. 
  • Use a primer that will help the makeup last longer and prepare your skin.
  • Choose a foundation a tone above your natural complexion and dab it evenly across your face. 
  • Make sure to cover under the eye and also any blemishes left.
  1. Subtly shimmery: Cocktail parties could always use some sassing up with shimmers. Going for a shimmery dress might seem a bit much especially if the gathering is small or located outside. Instead, you can add the shimmer through your makeup using simple yet elegant shades that will bring out the features well. Choose complementary shades of cream eyeshadow and dust them softly above the eyelids. Use a darker shade of the same color closer to the lashes and smudge the eyeshadow and add depth to the look. You can add dramatic eyeliner styles such as cat eye, heavy bottom or double winged look to complete. Apply mascara to finish and this way you are your eye makeup is done.

With bronze powder add emphasis to your cheekbones and temples by defining these areas. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill your brow, however, do not make it very thick to keep the attention to your shimmery eye. Finish the entire look with a nude or soft pink tone of lipstick and shine brightly at your cocktail gathering.

2. All eyes on your lips: Another way to ace a gorgeous look for your cocktail party would be to draw attention to your lips. This could be through bold and bright colors such as red, brown, wine, etc, that enhances the feature well. The important point to remember here is to keep the rest of your look subtle and simple so the entire look does not seem overdone. You can use soft tones of eyeshadow such as gold, pink, brown etc, and opt for a matte finish for it to blend well. Use a thin liner instead of using thick lines and making it dramatic to keep the look to the point. You can also use lash extensions and let go of the liner altogether for a great look. Use a good bronzer and blush to highlight the cheeks and draw attention more towards your brightly crafted lips.

3. Bold and bright: Your makeup can always create depth and add style to your wardrobe choices. So if you wish to carry a simple and elegant outfit for the cocktail party, then you can match it up with a bold makeup style to achieve the perfect look. Start with bold, metallic shades of blue, pink, gold for your eye and brush the shadow well on the lids. To add more strength to the eye makeup go for bold liners such as the double winged, cat eye, thick top, and bottom. Do not forget to use mascara and bring attention to your eye. Keep the bronzer and blush minimalistic. Next, you need to bring focus to your lips. For your lip color choose a bright red, candy pink, bright rose, etc, that will look catchy. This makeup when paired well with a solid colored outfit will be electrifying and sexy.

4. A cloud of contrast: Another look you can try with your gorgeous cocktail outfit is working with contrasting shades for your cheeks, lips, and eyes. Focus on creating the perfect smokey eyes. Use a thick smudge-proof eyeliner and dust the lid with shadow to blend softly. The smokey eyes need to be dark to create a good contrast using your lip and cheek colors. Highlight your cheekbones to add shimmer. You can use bright pink for a fair complexion or go for gold or bronze if you have an olive or darker complexion. Now pick a pale tone of lipstick preferably pink and make it glossy rather than matte. The look will match well with denim jackets, leather outfits etc

5. Double up on your eyes: Up your eye game by twinning with gorgeous double colored eye makeup. Start with a colored liner preferably gold and use it from the inner corner of your eye till the center of your lash line.  Now work the rest of your eye from the middle lashline to the outer corner with bright shades of cobalt blue. Use a metallic finish for the eyeshadow to twin with the liner. Use some apricot colored shadow on the eyelid all the way up to the crease and use the same tone on your cheekbones to create a warm look. Use a nude or soft tone of pink on your lips to complete the look. In short, do it as the celebs do to ace the cocktail party looks.

General Tips

  1. The best tip to create a wonderful look for your cocktail party is to keep the emphasis on one feature at the most. This way the look will look elegant and to the point.
  2. Avoid using lighter shades of concealer under the eye to make sure your pictures don’t look scary.
  3. Be very careful while picking your foundation. Use a full coverage foundation and make sure it is good enough to last all evening.
  4. Pick a comfortable outfit that you can easily carry without much effort. You can let your makeup carry the heavyweight for getting a lovely look. Like how choosing the right gym outfits can make all the difference, the right material and style will make the entire party fun and enjoyable.
  5. Add style to your outfit effortlessly with sexy and stylish hairdos and do not forget your setting spray. Make sure it compliments the makeup. 
  6. Bronze and blush are mandatory. These will warm up the look and add color to your face.

7.  Carefully choose your accessories to make sure they pair well with your makeup. 

Author Bio: Harold Camaya

She is a blogger who loves to write in different verticals. She co-authored Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for E-commerce. Her hobbies are travelling and reading novels.