5 Resistance Training Benefits for Anti-aging

Resistance training or more commonly weight training means the physical training that involves lifting weights, if you go to a gym then you already know this, right. Well, everyone knows resistance training is really good for our body, and you can see this training used by athletes, bodybuilders and even normal people who just want to stay fit. But findings have shown that resistance training can also help people reduce their aging a bit, well, it’s inevitable to age as time passes, but preparing your body to slow that process a bit is not bad either, so here are the 5 resistance training benefits for anti-aging.


Your muscles won’t go soft

For those who don’t know, Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass which occurs as we grow old, it starts around the age of 40, that’s not much right. Sarcopenia not only makes your muscles weak, but it also increases the chance of getting injuries, as well as performing daily activities difficult. By all means, it’s no good, but resistance training can help you in this regard because resistance training increases the muscle mass in your body and makes your body toned, which is definitely a plus and it will also decrease the chances of sarcopenia occurring in your body.

Will save you the trip to the hospital

Well, diseases are something that always seems to catch people and send them to the hospital, no matter their age, but there are a few diseases which are most likely to come as you age such as diabetes, arthritis, back pain, depression, obesity, etc. Resistance training really helps in this regard. While doing resistance training, the blood circulation in your body increases, increasing your metabolism and making you healthy and strong. Many will argue that people still get diseases despite their regular training, yup, that’s a fact, but the people who don’t do any exercise or training catch diseases much faster compared to ones who do.


It will keep your brain healthy

In simple words, it means the decline in the functions of your brain, with old age or more commonly known as cognitive decline, it happens and it’s something like forgetting things more often, talking about something and suddenly going blank, etc.

Resistance training proves to be helpful as it not only strengthens your body but also works your brain, as, like other things in your body, the brain is also a muscle and resistance training trains that muscle by improving its motor coordination, which will be pretty useful for you.


Helps maintain posture

You might have seen people, who with time develop a wrong posture, it definitely happens and if you do not do anything regarding this, the chances of you developing something like that will be high. To be honest, everyone wants the right posture, whether you are a curvy woman who wants to wear a beautiful plus size casual dresses or a man who wants to show his body, it is essential. Resistance training does that for you and you will be able to maintain a pretty good posture irrespective of the age.

Will allow you to move freely

It’s no brainer, everyone knows that, as you age your body mobility starts to decrease, and nobody likes that. There are a lot of people who are facing this problem already and the cause for this is weakening muscles, bones, joints, etc. You might not realize it, but being able to freely move is an amazing thing and when there are limitations in your mobility, it will definitely decrease the quality of life. Resistance training or any weight exercise help you to keep your bones strong, your muscles toned, and your joints healthy, all in all, they really help in anti-aging.