7 Amazing Make-Up Tips That Gives Naturally Fresh Look

Bold lip color, defined eyebrows, highlighters, contouring, winged liners, metallic eye-shadows, etc, of course, are the makeup trends that are recently capturing our attention. But barely-there look that celebrities often flaunt on screen as well as at grand events often leaves us in love with it. The simple makeup or no-makeup look enhances the amazing features and makes the skin look better without overdoing it. The washed out look that does not fail to make the face look fresh and bright is a worthy style to try.

Obviously, you cannot wake up looking that perfect. So how can we create this glowing, gorgeous look without applying too much makeup? Here are 7 simple make-up tips that can help you weave this look. These tips are the ultimate guide to natural makeup at home. 

1. A primer is mandatory: There is no minimalist makeup without using the right primer that creates the smooth base for your foundation to glide on. Creating a flawless look by equalizing your skin ensures the simple makeup on top looks uniform and not too much. Also, a primer fills the pores and avoids clogging of the skin and illuminates your skin from within. This gives a fresh and flawless look that is elegant and looks well hydrated. It adds a glow to your skin that makes it look young and refreshed.

2. DIY your foundation: Most foundation shades offer a bold makeup look which may not be useful for creating a simple and natural look. So DIY the right shade of foundation you need by mixing the right ratios of different shades. The foundation color has to remain lighter and blend with your natural skin tone to give you a natural look. You can also use a light bodied moisturizer mixed with your foundation to create a soft base for this type of look. It reduces the heavy body of the foundation as well as spreads thinly and evenly to ensure the look is subtle. 

3. Conceal just enough: From your dark circles to dark spots, concealing the signs of dull or damaged skin is the key to creating a fresh and gorgeous look. Don`t worry if you didn’t get your beauty sleep because with the right under eye patch you can conceal those dark circles and create a smooth skin here. Avoid using too many layers of makeup to cover any patches of your skin. Instead, pick the right tone of concealer that can cover these problem areas over your foundation. Once these areas are fixed your skin will look gorgeous and bright. This look will ease in with a comfortable metroflex gym to create the ultimate workout look.

Foundation brush

4. Go easy on your eye:  Quit your usually eye-shadow routine and instead work on defining your eyes with liner. Define your eyes with thin lines without overdramatic designs or styles. Use a brown or black pencil to enhance the water lines above and below your eyes. Use some white or beige powder or eyeshadow to define the edge of your eye to add some depth to the look. You can also try defining only with the pigment of the pencil. To create this effect remove the pencil line after application just a little with a tissue and leave the pigment to create a little drama. If you wish to add no make-up to your eye then mascara is your pal to pull off the same. Use this magic wand to add weight to your lashes that will look ethereal but minimal without too much makeup to define around the region.

5. Emphasis on eyebrows: Defining your eyebrows in a subtle manner can be a great way of creating a fresh and fabulous look. The line should not look too strong or bold. Instead, define it using a soft brown or light shaded patch where the color blends with your foundation. Heavy eyebrows define a bold makeup look which will not look too natural. Keep the color as little as possible and define them elegantly to create a decent look. Blend the color at the edges, above and below with your foundation to keep it easy.

6. Neutral lips: A bold red is, of course, the preferred choice of color for any occasion and any clothing be it a gorgeous red jumpsuit or a little black dress. But to keep your look natural and simple you need to look for tones that are more neutral and soft and blend with your foundation. You can simply exfoliate and bring your natural color and add a simple touch of lip balm. This will add a glow to your look in a very subtle way. If you want to choose lip colors then look for a soft pink, nude colors, etc, which have a mild glossy effect to finish your look.

7. Beautify with blush: Some color on your cheeks always look fresh, healthy and gorgeous. So do not forget to add some blush to the look to bring some color. Use a more natural color for your blush. This ensures your face looks lit and fabulous. You can also use a mild lip color to add color to your cheeks.

Using some powder to dust over your skin can also help create a matte effect which will look beautiful. The tone of the makeup would remain the same in this case whereas the powder will balance the skin from looking too oily. Use these 7 simple make-up tips to create the ultimate natural and fresh look for all your ‘just out of bed’ moments.

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