Anis and I met a few years ago and we just clicked right from the get-go. I love her spirit, joie de vivre, and kind heart. She’s simply just a lot of fun to be around. Give us a delicious meal and some wine, and we’ll chit chat for hours on end. I also love that Anis is a female entrepreneur who started her very own line of skin care products from scratch. As the Founder and Creative Director of jewelry brand Windsor Avenue, we have this in common. We encourage and applaud each other’s successes. I just love surrounding myself with women that uplift each other.


So, what do skin care and jewelry have in common you may ask? The obvious answer would be “absolutely nothing.” But, I would have to disagree. This unlikely pairing is quite a match. We all have different skin types as we have unique styles. When our skin glows and we love what we wear, the confidence shines right through.

As women, we often put ourselves last. But, despite limited time, we should use the right facial care products for both short to long-term benefits alongside chic and versatile jewelry pieces that accessorize any outfit no matter if you are in a mad dash out the door.


When we feel confident, nothing can get in our way of achieving our dreams and why not do it with both beautiful skin and a personalized sense of style?!

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About Olivia Hollaus

Olivia is the Founder and Creative Director of the jewelry brand Windsor Avenue. Windsor Avenue’s jewelry collections embody versatility, timeless elegance, effortless chic, and confidence for today’s multi-faceted woman. Olivia is a new mom to baby boy Guillaume, so she understands that time is of the essence. Her jewelry pieces are stylish but easy to style to complement a busy lifestyle. Olivia is inspired by travel, interiors, architecture, art, florals, and fabric prints, among others. Her positive outlook on life mixed with her travels and experiences are reflected in her jewelry.



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