It can sometimes be difficult not to feel a bit jealous for those who are struggling with problem skin when they see someone who has perfect, blemish-free skin that was achieved without any effort. Normal skin is what everyone would want if they were given a choice. Words such as ‘radiant’, ‘lovely’, and ‘healthy’ are often applied to normal skin. However, keeping normal skin normal and healthy should not be something that is left to chance, and remember, too, that skin types can change over the course of a lifetime, and even normal skin should be cared for diligently to keep it the way it is.

Maintaining Normal Skin

Never be blasé about which cleansing agent to use for your face. Normal skin will benefit from soap or face washes that are mild and contain a moisturizing agent. Cleansers with oils or glycerin will do wonders in keeping your skin clean, but not scoured. An acidic sebum layer is present on your skin to provide a shield against pathogens or environmental conditions that could harm it; removing too much from your face can be detrimental for normal skin, too. Always use tepid water when washing your face, and it’s probably better to use your hands, rather than a washcloth as it will be much less abrasive. Pat your face dry after washing, rather than rubbing it, to avoid removing too much sebum. Your face needs to be washed only twice daily.
You will want to be sure to use a moisturizer after washing. Use enough to provide a complete coverage, but not so much that your face feels or looks greasy afterwards. Normal skin should use a cream or ointment moisturizer since these are oil based to provide the protection and nourishment that your normal skin needs. Apply moisturizer before putting on your makeup.

Exfoliants for Normal Skin

Exfoliating products may or may not be necessary for your normal skin. If washing and moisturizing seem to leave your skin looking healthy, just leave it at that, you need not do more. However, if you seem to be getting problems such as blackheads and large pores, you might find that an exfoliant can help to correct these. Stay away from very abrasive ones as they can remove too much sebum from your skin and even cause damage; and it’s never necessary to use an exfoliator more than two times a week.

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