Beauty and emotional effects of alcohol on your health

Finding a balance in life is a great first step to feeling what experts call “quality of life.” But, balance can be a difficult act to achieve. You want to enjoy life’s sweetest pleasures (even if too much may be bad for you) and reap the rewards of good habits. 

So, we thought we’d help you balance your health. It’s important to know the some beauty and emotional effects of alcohol. When a person experiences excess or sees the development of fine lines, they may start to wonder. What can I gain from sobriety emotionally and aesthetically?

1. Alcohol dehydrates your mind, body, and skin.

In general, alcohol dehydrates. It has a particular effect on the largest organ in the body, your skin. Many think that drinking deprives your skin of nutrients and vitamins as well. 

Over time, there can be even more effects on your skin that you can’t solve with a good moisturizer. 

For example, you might forget to apply that good skin care regimen the next morning. That’s if you wake up depressed and despondent from the depressant, relaxing effect alcohol is famous for.

2. Alcohol bloats and might cause cellulite. 

While dehydration might be slight and solved with water intake, alcohol also bloats. It bloats your face, making you look unhappily full. It bloats your stomach. 

And, it might bloat your thighs and belly with cellulite if you’re not careful with that rose with the girls. But, cellulite may not be enough to warn you off the next glass, unless you consider the emotional shame and guilt that can attend drunken outbursts. 

3. Alcohol causes spots and rosacea. 

Alcohol leaves through your breath and sweat too (not just your liver). That means it can cause serious skin eruptions and irritations. 

Makeup left on your face after a night out will make you more prone to spots. And facial disfigurement from rosacea follows. 

Not just leading to permanent damage, alcohol can impact your emotionally supportive friendships. It challenges your ability to use judgement, keep confidence, and act your age. 

We want you to preserve your good looks and find a healthy balance in life. Make sure you are using alcohol responsibly. Drinking plenty of water, exercise, and have life-affirming fun.