I’m Fabulous Cosmetics is looking for new Instagram Influencers to receive FREE products and promote the brand.

I’m Fabulous Cosmetics is a small batch, vegan + cruelty-free cosmetics company in search of individuals who are just as passionate about the same. We’re searching for highly talented and extremely dedicated individuals who are eager to showcase I’m Fabulous Cosmetics.

The Details:
If you are chosen as an I’m Fabulous Cosmetics Brand Instagram Influencers, you will receive free products, of our choosing for the two-month contract as well as an amazing discount (40% OFF) on one purchase during the two-month term, in exchange for high-quality photos.

We ask that our Brand Instagram Influencers help promote our products on social media and tag us in pictures wearing I’m Fabulous Cosmetics.

Important Notes:
1. Accounts must be public until reps are announced so that we can view your entries. If your Instagram account is private, we will not be able to view your entries.
2.  You must have over 500 REAL Instagram followers to be considered for the position.
3.  This search is open to influencers worldwide. Men and Women.

Terms and Conditions

To Enter

1. Follow Us @imfabulouscosmetics (http://www.instagram.com/imfabulouscosmetics)

2. Sign up + we’ll send you a $10 Gift Card just for joining up on our search.
3. Repost the picture above + tag us @imfabulouscosmetics #imfabulouscosmeticsSearch on Instagram.

4. Tag up to 3 recent photos with #imfabulouscosmeticsBrandAmbassadorSearch on Instagram.

5. You can tag 3 photos daily, as long as you repost the picture above on Instagram each day.

#imfabulouscosmeticsBrandRepSearch #BrandRep #BrandRepSearch #BrandRepsWanted

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