Enjoy Your Breathtaking Holiday With Winter Skin Care Tips

The season for hot chocolate, warm clothes and blankets, shorter days, and colder weather. Holidays and time to get together with friends and family or stay cozily tucked at home. The frosty season can bring so much change to your regular routine, and the change is different for everyone, except for one thing that follows everyone into this holiday season-dryness. 

Dry skin gets drier; oily skin gets dry; combination skin gets, you guessed it- dry. Chapped lips, itchy skin, and hair dulling are all part of the package here. And for those who are living in their golden years senior lifestyle services can help. The way the cold weather affects our bodies is noticeable from our heads to our toes. So, with the change of weather, it’s time for us to change and double down on what type of skincare we’ll be pampering our skin with this holiday season.

What happens to our skin in the Winter?

There is a layer of skin on the outermost part known as the epidermis. On the epidermis lies a thin surface called the stratum corneum, which is also called the skin barrier. The stratum corneum or skin barrier consists of dead or drying skin cells and lipids. This barrier is essential because it prevents and protects against harmful toxins from entering the body. 

Drying of the skin is known as xerosis, and in the Winter, with its lack of humidity and temperature, it brings the perfect conditions for your skin to dry. With Winter comes the harsh winter rains and the brisk chilling winds, which can strip your skin of a lot of its natural moisture. Another factor to dry skin is having the heater on during the winter season also affects the humidity in the home and cuts down the amount of moisture our skin receives from the air.

The damage that can be done to your skin, as in; rough patches, cracks, itching, stinging, sensitivity to touch, flaking, and redness, during the winter season, can become unpleasant to endure and a pain to deal with without treatment. 

Skincare For The Chilly Weather

With the changes in the weather causing the changes happening to your skin, of course, reevaluating what your skin needs during this time of year would be your first go-to to maintain a wonderful healthy glow. A winter skincare doesn’t have to consist of several products. Small changes and a couple of products can do the trick just fine. 

● Lip Exfoliate

Naturally, with dry weather and dry skin, you’re going to get dry and chapped lips. 

● Cleanse 

Throughout the day, your face and skin will catch on dirt and other particles that can damage your skin, so whether the warm and hot summers or cool frosty winters, cleansing your skin is just another all-season skincare to keep in mind.

● Sunscreen

You’d think with shorter days and longer nights and with the sun rays not intensely shining on you that, sunscreen is something that you can skip. Sunscreen is a must-do part of any skincare routine. Even if it’s your only, for the most part, you can almost always do without the rest. 

● Moisturizers 

We come to the star of the hour- moisturizers. For many, naturally dry skin moisturizers are already something they’ve put into their skincare routine. If you’re unsure which type of moisturizer to get, It’s always good to start with a lightweight, water-based moisturizer. They are well suited for all skin types, and it does the job it was made to do- moisturize. 

Use A Humidifier To Maximize Moisture In Your Skin

Dry weather tends to absorb the moisture out of the skin, leaving you flaky, red, and even itchy and cracked. To bring back all that lost moisture and prevent it from drying up again, a humidifier can be the best investment you can make. A humidifier will bring moisture back into the environment and it helps your skin to maintain hydration.

Lower The Water Temperature And Reduce Time In the Shower

In the briskly dry weather, nothing feels better than a nice hot bath or shower. However, there’s a downside. A hot shower or bath can actually strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture levels, leaving it dry. In addition, it can also leave your skin feeling tender to the touch and tight, definitely not what it’s supposed to feel. Beyond skincare, adjusting the temperature to a slightly cool-warm degree or a lukewarm bath or shower is more beneficial for maintaining healthy and moisturized skin.

Modify your skincare

If your skin is dry and itchy, hold back on skincare products containing alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids on the face, as these can cause the issues to worsen. Also, steer clear of products containing alcohol and fragrances. Alcohol is very drying, and products with fragrances can irritate already dry skin.


Dirt, product build-up, and dead skin cells can be why some of your moisturizing products don’t seem as effective as they used to, even when you’re doing everything right. Try exfoliating to give the winter care products direct access to your skin, allowing them to soak in better. 

Exfoliate once a week with a light chemical exfoliate to clear out all the build-up while still being mindful of your skin. A chemical exfoliator best suited for dry skin is one that contains a chemical AHA, like glycolic or lactic acid.

Change Up Your Cleanser for the Winter

Foam cleansers are great, fun to apply, and really effective. They easily clean off all the day’s build-up. However, foam cleansers work a little too well. They tend to dry up and strip the skin of its natural oil. Switching things up in the Winter by using a cleansing oil, balm, or cream will help you cleanse your face and is delicate on your skin and maintain moisture without disrupting your skin barrier.


The winter season is full of festivities, change, and cozy warm blankets to tuck yourself in. However, this season doesn’t do your skin any favors. Maintaining a good level of moisture in your skin while protecting your skin barrier is essential for achieving a glow when the weather leaves your skin dull and dry.

 Switching up a couple of your skincare products to accommodate for the loss of moisture is really what you need to focus on. Get a humidifier to prevent the air from drying your skin at home. Sunscreen is a must-wear all year round. Protect your skin from the sun’s rays and protect your skin further by wearing gloves. Hope this article helped.