Plant stem cells are innately undifferentiated cells located in the meristems of the plant. Plant stem cells serve as the origin of plant vitality, as they maintain themselves while providing a steady supply of precursor cells to form differentiated tissues and organs in plants.
Thanks to the stem cells and their ability of unlimited division number or transformation into different cell types creating organs, are responsible for regeneration processes.
Depending on the organism in which the stem cells exists, they divide to the plant or animal ones. The later group includes the stem cells existing in both embryo’s and adult human organs. It includes, among others, epidermal stem cells, located in the hair follicle relieves and also in its basal layers, and responsible for permanent regeneration of the epidermis. Temporary science looks for a method suitable for stimulation of the epidermis stem cells, among the other by delivery of e.g., growth factors for proliferation that decrease with the age.
One of the methods is the use of the plant cell culture technology, including a number of methods that should ensure the growth of plant cells, tissues or organs in the environment with the microorganism-free medium. It uses abilities of the different plant cells to differentiation into stem cells and coming back to the pluripotent status.
The extracts obtained from the plant stem cells are currently used for the production of both common or professional care cosmetics. This work describes the exact impact of the plant stem cell extract, coming from one type of the common apple tree (Uttwiler Spätlauber) to human skin as one of the first plant sorts, which are used in cosmetology and aesthetic dermatology.
Stem cells are a huge trend in skincare, but what do they really do for your skin? Stem cells are often called “blank” cells because they are undifferentiated, meaning they can be duplicated and made into any type of cell. Think of stem cells as blank scrabble pieces, they can fill in where there are needed because they have the ability to turn into specialized cells. They can boost collagen, protect against sun damage, brighten and repair damaged cells.


I’M FABULOUS Cosmetics uses plant stem cell extracts from oranges, lilac, flowers and grapes as ingredients in several products. All plant stem cells provide antioxidant protection, adding an extra boost of skin-health benefits to an established regimen. Specifically, they guard against inflammation, neutralize free radicals and reverse sun damage. Plant stem cell extracts, versus the actual stem cell, are used in skincare because they are the purest, most-stable way of ensuring the quality of the ingredient. While the actual stem cell can’t survive outside the plant, the extract is just as effective.

Here are a some products that take advantage of the benefits of plant stem cell extract: