Kim Kardashian has the most beautiful eyelashes! Long, full eyelashes are every woman’s dream.

Kim Kardashian is known for her stunning eyelashes. Her eyelashes may be longer than the average woman’s, but there’s something about them that makes them look natural.

Eyelashes have been a huge factor in women’s beauty essentials since the ancient Egyptian times. But when it comes to modern eyelashes, no one can deny that the Kardashians have the most incredible lash style.

What makes Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes stand out is her signature spaced-apart look. Those mile-long lashes have that beautiful wispy effect, carefully applied to create the perfect volume and spacing. And even with that much volume, it doesn’t look fake at all! It just makes the eyes super sultry.

What Does Kim Kardashian Use on Her Eyelashes?

Kim Kardashian uses several different products on her eyelashes. They include:

What Eyelashes Does Kim Kardashian Use?

Kim also uses Lilly Goddess Lashes. The mink lashes achieve a wispy but full body look. And they can be used up to 15 times. Extra-long and dramatic, but yet natural. Lilly Goddess Lashes are the perfect option for your next girls’ night out. Get ready to slay your selfie game like a pro.

Adding curl is everything when you want full-blown eye drama. Look for a lash curler that catches all of your lashes and doesn’t pinch. You also want to squeeze your curler repeatedly – don’t just pump the curler once and hold it on the lashes. You have to squeeze a few times as you move the curler toward the corner of the eyes.

Apply an eyelash primer by pressing on the lashes and wriggling it around a bit before you pull away. This sets the primer along the base of the lashes and gives that slightly-spaced effect. Afterwards, you could run a comb through the lash extensions to make them even.

Kim’s lash style is always full volume – on top and at the bottom. So apply mascara by placing the wand underneath the bottom lashes, and twirl it gently back and forth. Use a dry brush to keep lashes from clumping together.

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