How To Prep Your Skin For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is about invitations, endless shopping, late nights, and feasting. Although you want to look the best for festive events, these factors may actually wreak havoc on your skin. Cold weather and dry winds aggravate the problem further, and you are likely to struggle with dark circles, dryness, and breakouts. Thankfully, a little extra care can restore the beauty, glow, and suppleness of your skin despite the woes it encounters in festive months. Here are some recommendations from top American dermatologists to prep your skin for the holiday season.

Begin with a winter routine early

Most American women switch up their skincare routine in different seasons. Winter is the time when you need to go the extra mile because dropping temperatures and dry winds can take a toll on your complexion. It is better to start a winter skincare routine well ahead of the holiday season. Good nourishment can protect it from inclement weather, unhealthy eating, late nights, and stress. So you worry less about retaining your glow for the party season.

Double up on hydration

The best piece of advice for holiday season prepping is to double up on hydration. You can apply moisturizers and creams on the surface, but hydration helps from within. It keeps your complexion plump and supple regardless of the dry weather outside. Be mindful about drinking at least ten glasses of water daily, even if you do not feel thirsty. Ditch caffeine and alcohol, and drink herbal teas instead.

See an expert

The holiday season is a good time to pamper your skin, but think beyond visiting a spa for a facial or chemical peel. Seeing a dermatologist for a preventive check is a better idea, as these experts can recommend ways to stay ahead of the seasonal woes. They also suggest treatment for existing problems. Look for a reputed professional nearby so that you can reach them easily. Check the best dermatologist in Philadelphia if you live in this area. Having an expert looking after your skin keeps you ahead of the seasonal woes.

Cut back on sugar and processed foods

Holiday eating can be the worst thing your skin has to deal with. Sugar and processed foods are the primary culprits because they can cause breakouts and dullness. Commit to limiting these food culprits to retain the glow and suppleness throughout the season. You can opt for healthy alternatives like fresh fruits and whole grains instead. Also, avoid mindless snacking as it affects digestive health, which is linked to your skin’s well-being.

Lower your stress

Stress is another factor that damages your complexion in more than one way. Unfortunately, the holiday season can be stressful amid the workload, busy schedules, and late nights. Lowering your stress levels can do wonders for your skin. You can do it by embracing healthy practices such as regular exercise, meditation, and good sleep hygiene. Most importantly, focus on enjoying the festivities.

Good skincare is essential throughout the year, but your complexion deserves extra attention during the holiday season. Follow these simple tips to steal the show and feel confident in your skin.