I’m Obsessed with JK Beauty Beldi

After creating her exclusive beauty studio JK Beauty Beldi in 2015, Jamela Kirri is now launching a unique collection of Lifestyle accessories : home fragrances, scented candles, foutas, bathrobes, pouches and summer hats. Accessories and linen pieces are all handmade in the finest materials. The most sophisticated form of simplicity.

Natural, eco and sustainable materials make up this collection inspired by ancestral heritage from the West, the East and Asia.

A heritage of beauty secrets

“ Beldi ” stands for “ Tradition ” in arabic. Jamela Kirri, JK Beauty Beldi founder, gives out a very high-end interpretation of traditional beauty rituals through her first Lifestyle collection, named “ Arjaan ”, or

“ driven ” in Dutch.

With a lifelong passion for the power of traditional products, entrepreneur Jamela Kirri, has spent numerous years hunting for the best of them, roaming through craftmanship markets. She’s tested every oil, essence, or mineral extrait and kept only the absolute best. Through the years, she has learnt every secular moves and rituals shaping timeless beauties.

To Jamela, beauty rituals marry Tradition, Excellence and Know-how.

In 2015, she opens her beauty studio in the heart of Paris. On appointment only, she receives her hosts in a beautiful, private and serene apartment. Her very demanding clientele enjoys the calm, escaping and caring atmosphere. Jamela offers 100% natural treatments to women, allying refinement and tradition. She cleverly mixes ancestral beauty secrets from all over the world, with immediate, visible and long-lasting results.

A unique, pure and sophisticated Lifestyle collection, inspired by the world’s beauty traditions

As she gives so much attention and time embellishing her clients’ lifestyle, interiors and wardrobes, Jamela Kirri has created exceptional and truly unique pieces, all entirely made by hand. Just a sight of her creations add elegance and sophistication, either to a room or silhouette.

This collection relies on eco-sustainable values, dear to Jamela, and to her customers, increasingly looking for more authenticity, and sensible to secular know- how.

“ This first Lifestyle accessory collection has given me great pride. Each piece faithfully represents my own conception of luxury and authenticity. Our designs are both timesless, elegant, comfy, respectful to nature, and a real tribute to this ancestral heritage I respect and love so much. ”

says Jamela Kirri, JK Beauty Beldi founder.

The JK Beauty Beldi Lifestyle Collection includes

  • Exclusive fragrances, sophistication and escaping. Two home fragrances paired with their scented candle.
  • Arjaan Collection : a large range of foutas and bathrobes in high quality organic cotton, silk and/or linen, handmade on traditional looms and certified by the GOTS (Global Organic Textil). Natural straw hats and isotherm leather pouch.

Home fragrances & Candles by Blaise Mautin

Inspired from traditional beauty rituals from around the world, JK Beauty Beldi fragrances were exclusively designed by famous french perfumer Blaise Mautin. Home fragrances and matching candles in 2 exclusive Signature Scents.

JK Beauty Beldy sensual travel invitation is available in two different Signature Scents


Pure and refreshing white musc. Lush vegetation head, subtly green with a heart note of violette, rose and jasmin, based on a voluptuous, soft and pure musc.

Eau de parfum en spray 3.4 oz – 130 € TTC

JKBB DP version EN.


Intense and sensual spice. Opening notes of intense wood and powerful bergamote from Calabre; it sits on a sprinkle of Ceylan cinnamon tree leaves, and a touch of sweet Sicilian orange. Heart of Sandalwood, followed by a hot amber note, alike a middle-eastern burning air wave, and ending on traditional encens and anis root.

Eau de parfum en spray 100 ml – 130 € TTC


JK Beauty Beldi Signature Scents are available in candles. Made by Blaise Mautin as a gift to Jamela, to better complete her holistic journey.

Scented candle 9 oz – 90 €

Smoked glass and wood lid. Burns for 50 hours.

While melting, JK Beauty Beldi shines through the glass.


This perfect gift case by JK Beauty Beldi includes a perfume bottle (3.4 oz), a matching scented candle (9 oz) and matches.

Set 320 €

With every exceptional products, comes an exceptional box. Jamela Kirri turned to French luxury leather house Gainerie 91, to create the JK Beauty Beldi fragrance and candle boxes, all made with the most noble materials

Arjaan Collection, pure comfort, authentic luxury

A staple in every summer closet, foutas is a must have accessory while lounging by the pool, sunbathing, at the spa, sauna, steam room or just getting out of bath. This towel sheet, traditionally made with fringes on the edges, is both very airy and absorbing.

Chic and elegant JK Beauty Beldi trademarked foutas are handmade by craftsmen living in small villages all over Central and Southern Anatolia, in South- Eastern Turkey. Made from high-quality GOTS (Global Organic Textil) certified organic cotton. Very easy to wash and long-lasting, JK Beauty Beldi futas are available in different colors, prints and sizes.

Jamela Kirri and her collection Arjaan lifestyle JK Beauty Beldi currently offer 5 fouta designs, handmade in Anatolia with the finest cotton, silk and linen:

Hats and pouches simple sophistication
Perfect accessories to any summer outfit, JK Beauty Beldi hats are beautifully handmade in Morocco, with natural straw from South America, Madagascar or Asia.
The JK luxury detail : the (removable) strap around the hats are made of pure aniline lambskin, by Gainerie 91.
Designs from 210€ to 410€

The complete collection is available exclusively on JK Beauty Beldi website : www.jkbeautybeldistore.com
Paris Showroom, on appointment only 53 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris.
Phone : +33 06 64 92 66 96