The mouth is a symbol of youth, attraction, and sensuality.  The lips clearly defined and plump.
Due to anatomical reasons, and aggressive environmental factors, this zone often ages more markedly than the rest of the face.

Why do we get those wrinkles?

– Drying and discoloration of the red of the lip.
– The loss of definition of the lip edge and the lips.
– The red of the lip thins/ loses volume.
– The labial commissures (side edges) sag and become hollow.
– The philtral crests flatten and the Cupid’s bow loses definition.
– Vertical wrinkles appear, notably above the upper lip, creating the ‘bar code’ or ‘sun folds’ effect).

We have found great results using the skin roller along with the I’m Fabulous Cosmetics Powerful Volumizing serum. I’m Fabulous Powerful Volumizing Serum & Skin Filler is an incredible serum that increases the appearance of facial volume and visibly plumps trouble zones – especially furrow lines, nasal labial creases and crow’s feet. Skin appears firmer, plump, ultra smooth, hydrated and vibrant!


0.25 mm Skin roller

Or Ablative laser (Erbium Fractionated), or (even better) Continuous laser: this treatment is the equivalent of a phenol peel. (See the details on the Erbium laser)

If one chooses the Fractional laser, four sessions will be needed. If the Continuous laser is chosen, one session will suffice. The result will last about ten years and rejuvenates without equal, but there is a downtime of about two days if by Fractional laser, and ten days for Continuous laser. It is painful and expensive but it works well.