Exfoliants don’t have to be harsh to be effective! A good skin care regimen reveals a brighter, healthier complexion which translates to an even skin tone and softer, smoother texture.

At I’m Fabulous Cosmetics we have elevated the organic skincare experience!

Masks, which might seem to be more about short-term gains (glow, smoothness, pore-less-ness, hydration, breakout-calming) than the long game, can actually bring about serious long-term benefits when incorporated into a skincare routine on a regular basis.

Exfoliating For poreless, glowy, smooth, even-toned, better-functioning skin is a must on a weekly basis. However, if you have sensitive skin exfoliating twice a month should be an off.

Microdermabrasion crystals use to be huge 10 years ago. It is actually very irritating to the skin. A gentle exfoliation using organic ingredients is the way to go.


Exfoliating and removing dead cells, will clean up your pores, revive your skin and make serums and creams penetrate the skin deeper.

I’m Fabulouscosmetics choose 100% natural ingredients for exfoliation, like Fennel and Hibiscus Seeds along with anti-oxidants ingredients. One of our two favorites our the organic and vegan Wild Berry Honey Cleanser/mask and the organic and vegan Magic Exfoliating Mask



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