Plumped Lips: How to Get the Seducing Pout without Fillers?

Every girl wants bigger, fuller lips that look natural and beautiful. However, in today’s beauty world we can see horrendous mistakes with lip fillers that create such an artificial look that doesn’t look beautiful at all. Some are too exaggerated that completely fail in the attempt to look sexy and seducing. Not to mention that needle pain is real and it is not a comfortable process to get filler shots regularly. 

Fortunately, the advanced cosmetic industry has found a solution to make every girl’s dream come true. Instead of lip fillers, there is a new product on the market that can make your lips plump, sensual and popping. These lip plumping products are called lip plumpers and are sweeping the world off its feet. They are not as expensive as the fillers but do wonders for your look. Here is a little more insight into the way they work. 

Ingredients That Plump the Lips

The lip plumpers contain ingredients that work the same way spicy food irritates the lips and make them swell. When the lip plumper is applied on the lips these ingredients increase the blood flow in the area making the lips pout and get a natural looking swell. Some of the lip plumpers have the hyaluronic acid as a plumping ingredient, but of course, the effect is still subtle. Also, lip plumpers with too many strong ingredients can result in dryness and scaling of your lips. So, when choosing lip plumper you must be aware of what it contains.

Permanent Results? Yes, please!

 In fact, the best lip plumper will have the ingredients that hydrate your lips along with the plumping effect so that you can use it regularly without worrying about damaging your lips. Also, the best lip plumper will contain mineral oils that wand peptide ingredient that will build up the collagen in your lips with a regular use thus making your lips permanently bigger. This means that there are lip plumpers on the market that can get you permanent results when used as a treatment.

Nourishment along the Way

Also, as this product is considered the last non-invasive treatment before lip fillers, you might be glad to know that the formula of the lip plumper will nourish your lips as well while giving them more contour, definition and fullness. 

What Happens When You Apply It?

When it comes to the applying of the lip plumper on the lips, you might experience tingle sensations (the same way you do when you eat spicy foods, remember?) but this is in a no way comparable to the pain of the filler shots. The best lip plumper will provide you with the opportunity to control the tingle sensations by adjusting and programming the tube. 

Bottom Line

Finally, opting for lip plumpers is your ideal solution if you want to experiment with your look and not pay a small fortune for it. You will get instant results, in just a few minutes after applying the lip plumper, and reapplying it throughout the night will make sure your sexy pout will last long enough. And if you want permanent results, you can use the treatment lip plumper over an extended period of about 20-30 days continuously every day. Beauty doesn’t have to hurt, right? 

Source – Neveya Cosmetics