Glow Derma Pen Kit

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The I’m Fabulous® professional wireless GLOW DERMA PEN™ is great for serums injection, skin lightening, skin glow, skin firmness, and scars corrections. Comes with difference sizes cartridges and the length of the needles can be adjusted. 7 LED Colors : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Clean Blue, White


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I’m Fabulous® professional wireless GLOW DERMA PEN™ is great for serums injection, skin lightening, skin glow, skin firmness, and scars corrections. Comes with different sizes of cartridges and the length of the needles can be adjusted.

With 7 LED Colors : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, White

The GLOW DERMA PEN™ provides an unparalleled response through the segmented delivery of microneedles, creating micro-injuries to the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (the inner layer of skin).  As a result, the micro injuries encourage the body’s innate ability to repair itself. The GLOW DERMA PEN™ micro-needling treatment triggers collagen production through micro-needling technique. It can be used to improve scarring (acne scarring & keloid scars), hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks. It can also be used to retexturize the skin. The GLOW DERMA PEN™ micro-needling can also help with skin tightening and can be used on fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks!

Nano-Needling Infusion Treatment Benefits

  • Dramatically boost the absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients
  • Assist in awakening the skin’s collagen-producing cells
  • Mono-crystalline silicone needle pins make it non-allergic to human tissue
  • Cost-effective compared to other exfoliating procedures
  • Can be performed on all skin types, including ethnic skin
  • It can be used in all areas of the face, neck and body and even fragile skin around eyes and lips

Nano-Needling Infusion Effects on the Skin

  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Decrease pigmentation and sunspots
  • Improves skins plumpness
  • Balance and restore a healthy and refreshed glow in the skin
  • Pore size-reduction
  • Efficiently diminish acne and acne scars.

And the regular mesotherapy needling treatment with Needles cartridges #12 and #42 is excellent for scars, collagen boost, skin texture, and skin colors, read more about it here.

Acne removal / Anti-aging / Treatment for face and body Includes: 

  • Portable case
  • 1 wireless battery
  • 1 Charger
  • 2 needles cartridges
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 1 year warranty
  • 1 I’m Fabulous Cosmetics Hyaluronic acid serum organic

You also have the options to choose from our ADD-ONS packages.

AC/DC Adapter
DC 5V-1000MA, AC 0.3A 50/60HZ
Power supply
Rechargeable with battery
1 pcs lithium battery
Work time / time(charging full)
3 hours/cordless used
Vibrate frequency
8000-13000 RPM
Speed Control
5 levels
Needle depth
0.25-2.5mm adjust
Supported tips
1/3/7/9/12/24/36/42 pins/nano/3D/5D
Pen size
Gift box size
Main body
1 kit
1 derma pen + 1 batteries + 2 needles + 1 Adapter + 1 manual + serum

Ask your physician for an antiviral if you have experienced cold sores in the past.

The information on this website is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.


What Size needles is Best?

This will depend generally on what you’re attempting to achieve. Since we’re about effortlessness, here’s a table outlining what length ought to be utilized relying upon what you’re attempting to treat:

Issues Needle Length (millimeters)
Light acne scars 1.0 mm
deep acne scars 1.5 mm
enlarged pores 0.25 to 0.5 mm
balding reversal 0.2 to 0.75 mm (start with smallest)
sagging skin 0.5 to 1.5 mm (combining of both is excellent)
stretch marks 1.5 to 2.0 mm
surgical scars 1.5 mm
uneven skin tone or texture 0.5 mm
wrinkles 0.5 to 1.5 mm

How Often Should You Micro-Needle?

How regularly you should micro-needle likewise relies upon the length of needles you’ll be utilizing. The following is the most extreme measure of times you can utilize any micro-needling device inside a given time span:

Needle length (millimeters) How often
0.25 mm every other day
0.5 mm 1 to 3 times a week (start with less)
1.0 mm every 7 – 10 days
1.5 mm once every 10 – 14 days
2.0 mm every 2-4 weeks (For Advanced Users ONLY)

Use this guide in your micro-needling journey, and make sure your skin is 100% recovered before attempting another session!

Modifying collagen is a moderate procedure. Keep in mind it takes the skin a decent period of time to fully recover itself.

Red light (650-730nm) : Can penetrate deep skin, promote cell regeneration, stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,anti-aging.

Green light (430-450nm) : Having a clear effect on sedation, soothing and purifying, helping to speed up the healing of the minimally invasive skin.

Blue light (525-550nm) : Mainly for acne and skin inflammation, can start the bactericidal function of the human cells and destroy the living environment of the bacteria, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and eliminate acne of the skin.

Yellow light (565-570nm) : Improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, decompose pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve rough skin, wrinkles, treatment of skin redness, fever, moss, etc., enhance immunity.

Purple light (340-440nm): Is dual red and blue light, which combines two phototherapy effect. Particularly,It has a good effect on repairing acne and acne prints.

Clear blue light (340-440nm): Can gradual enhance cell energy, to have a good metabolism facilitating role.

Laser light (white): Penetrate the skin deeply, accelerate active tissue metabolism, decomposition color Spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 7 in

28 reviews for Glow Derma Pen Kit

  1. Jessica

    I got this pen for me and my hubby and we use it with the Powerful volumizing serum and our skin is already 50% better after two days weekend use. We started using it with the NANO cartridge and upgraded to the 1.00 mm length on a 42 cartridges. It does not hurt at all and no blood at all ever. The skin look super glowing and super plump after use. It is super easy to set up and use. SO IN LOVE with this Microneedling pen.

  2. Jessica

    OMG this micro needling pen is awesome!!! I use it with all my serum and my skin is GLOWING!!!!!! Hope you gonna carry the scars and dark circle colors serum my dermatologist told me you are producing now. I cannot wait to order it! I have tried many pen and this one is by far the best one!

  3. Kary

    I bought the Professional esthetician package for my business and in just one week I tripled my income! Love this pen and kit! Super easy to use, Cartridges are one click in.

  4. Martina

    This pen is awesome, I have use it all week and anxious for you to receive your organic semi permanent lightening foundation to use it with the pen.
    Super easy to use and fantastic results on my aging skin.

  5. Gina

    The Glow derma pen is super easy to use and the cartridges super fast to instal in one click. Loving the fact that the pen is wireless too! So no cord in the way. highly recommended. Also love using it with your Glow Derma foundation. Great immediate results!

  6. Ema

    Brilliant! The Glow Derma pen +Glow derma foundation = Life changing! Waiting for you to add to your website the online certification course! I want the diploma for my spa.

  7. Leslie

    Instant coverage! I also use the Glow derma pen with the Glow derma foundation on my décolleté and between my breast where I have lots of sun spots and it completely covered and made it disappeared. I did it last week, been swimming and taking daily shower and it still there. This semi permanent foundation is magic. Also no redness or skin allergy. BRILLIANT! Oh I am blond and use the “light” color.

  8. Jennifer

    Great micro needling pen. Works awesome without skin irritation. Make sure you order the NANO cartridges separately, because only #12 and #42 cartridges comes with the pen.
    I had to place another order for it to use my Glow Derma Foundation.

  9. Regina Gannon

    I ordered the pen only and it came with the 20% Niacinamide + B3 Rescue Skin Serum Organic ! So happy. I love this pen and all the I’m Fabulous products that have changed my skin to the best!!! Thank you so much I’m Fabulous team!

  10. Kristin

    I bought this pen for me and ended up buying 2 more pens for my spa.
    We started offering the semi foundation skin brightening treatment at the spa and we are booking clients like crazy!
    We love your products!

  11. John

    Excellent for blotchy dull skin with bumps. The Glow derma pen + cartridges #42 has definitely revived my skin in just one treatment. Super easy to use. I use the length at 1.5mm

  12. Constantine

    I use this pen with the Nano cartridge only and love it, no pain no redness and make the serum works so well.
    I love to use it with the Powerful volumizing serum. It magically plump up all my fine lines and wrinkles!

  13. Kristie

  14. Jessica

    I will never use my serums without the NANO needle and this pen, my skin went from very dehydrated to super plump, hydrated and glowing. This does not hurt at all.

  15. Jenny

    I have tried other pen and this one is by far a better quality, my clients skin heal faster and with the NANO needles there is not irritation at all. We includes it now with all of our facials!
    This pen is perfect!

  16. Gina

    I graduated from beauty school in September, I have my room room in a medical spa and I bought the professional package Glow Derma pen and the your online course, this past November, and been booked with treatments non stop! I have repaid my investment of the supplies with one client in less then a week! I love all your products and my customers are hooked. I love my new skin care business as an esthetician.

  17. Ketty

    This pen is really powerful and the cartridge needles are high quality, I can see a big difference on the skin healing process compare to other pens. Your glow Derma Foundation is also one of my ultimate favorite!

  18. Jemmy

    The results over time have been almost miraculous. My skin texture has improved and fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared.

  19. Karina

    I bought 3 of this pen for my spa treatment rooms, we love them and our clients keep coming back for more treatments. We are super busy with the semi permanent foundation treatment and booked until April! Thank you for such lovely non toxic products!

  20. Jessy

    I use this pen with most my serum and the Glow derma foundation for skin camouflaging. The quality of the needles are by far the best one, I do not even need to use a numbing cream. The needles are so fine and very pointy. I have had my pen for 6 months now and never had a problem with hit.

  21. Caroline

    I use this Glow derma pen with my Glow derma foundation as well as with other organic serum from I’m Fabulous and love the results. I mostly use the NANO needles only. No numbing needed.

  22. James

    I have only got a better skin since using this glow derma pen. Especially on my acne scars! It plump the skin after the first application. I love using it with the High tech copper peptide serum from I’m Fabulous.

  23. Sophie

    J’adore ce pen, ca me donne une peau super douce et radiante. Je trouve ce pen très facile a utilisé.

  24. Carla


  25. Lila

    This pen is great it is the most powerful I have used and the needles are so fine I barely feel anything. the nano needles are completely painless.

  26. Samantha

    I bought the the glow derma pen aesthetician kit and we are not overbooked with appointments. Our clients loves the services and results!

  27. Jeanette

    I got this glow derma pen 2 weeks ago and loving it. The needles are very fine and super gentle on my sensitive skin. I use it mostly with the high tech copper peptide serum and the glow derma foundation in light color. I am obsessed with the glow derma foundation. I seriously look so refresh and younger after one procedure.

  28. Ann

    This micro needling a pen is just awesome! I use it along with the Glow Derma Foundation and get excellent results. Even complexion, very natural and easy to do.

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