7 Reasons Your Skin Looks Dull – and How to Get it Glowing

Your skin is a protective barrier that keeps you safe against all kinds of infection, that can otherwise harm your body. Don’t you feel that you should be taking precautionary measures to maintain its inner glow and vitality? However, sometimes your skin looks a little less than glowing.  It can be a condition induced from […]

Get Summer Bikini Ready With TCA

Introducing the: Year of sun tanning and outdoors activities without sunscreen can leave you with, sun damaged skin, dark spots, rough and very dry skin. Not fun! And now summer is coming and you want to look good in your bikini! By removing the old skin cells of your skin, you will reveal healthy, bright […]

Bye Bye dull stressed skin!

Express detox treatment with organic oils and hydrolats to say bye bye dull and scruffy complexion. Did you know that if you do not remove makeup for 1 month only, the skin aged 10 years? Ouch! Admit that it is seriously thinking!  Therefore favor a very clean make-up in the evening with micellar water with essential oils and/or hydrosols […]