Resistance training or more commonly weight training means the physical training that involves lifting weights, if you go to a gym then you already know this, right. Well, everyone knows resistance training is really good for our body, and you can see this training used by athletes, bodybuilders and even normal people who just want to stay fit. But findings have shown that resistance training can also help people reduce their aging a bit, well, it’s inevitable to age as time passes, but preparing your body to slow that process a bit is not bad either, so here are the 5 resistance training benefits for anti-aging.


Your muscles won’t go soft

For those who don’t know, Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass which occurs as we grow old, it starts around the age of 40, that’s not much right. Sarcopenia not only makes your muscles weak, but it also increases the chance of getting injuries, as well as performing daily activities difficult. By all means, it’s no good, but resistance training can help you in this regard because resistance training increases the muscle mass in your body and makes your body toned, which is definitely a plus and it will also decrease the chances of sarcopenia occurring in your body.

Will save you the trip to the hospital

Well, diseases are something that always seems to catch people and send them to the hospital, no matter their age, but there are a few diseases which are most likely to come as you age such as diabetes, arthritis, back pain, depression, obesity, etc. Resistance training really helps in this regard. While doing resistance training, the blood circulation in your body increases, increasing your metabolism and making you healthy and strong. Many will argue that people still get diseases despite their regular training, yup, that’s a fact, but the people who don’t do any exercise or training catch diseases much faster compared to ones who do.


It will keep your brain healthy

In simple words, it means the decline in the functions of your brain, with old age or more commonly known as cognitive decline, it happens and it’s something like forgetting things more often, talking about something and suddenly going blank, etc.

Resistance training proves to be helpful as it not only strengthens your body but also works your brain, as, like other things in your body, the brain is also a muscle and resistance training trains that muscle by improving its motor coordination, which will be pretty useful for you.


Helps maintain posture

You might have seen people, who with time develop a wrong posture, it definitely happens and if you do not do anything regarding this, the chances of you developing something like that will be high. To be honest, everyone wants the right posture, whether you are a curvy woman who wants to wear a beautiful plus size casual dresses or a man who wants to show his body, it is essential. Resistance training does that for you and you will be able to maintain a pretty good posture irrespective of the age.

Will allow you to move freely

It’s no brainer, everyone knows that, as you age your body mobility starts to decrease, and nobody likes that. There are a lot of people who are facing this problem already and the cause for this is weakening muscles, bones, joints, etc. You might not realize it, but being able to freely move is an amazing thing and when there are limitations in your mobility, it will definitely decrease the quality of life. Resistance training or any weight exercise help you to keep your bones strong, your muscles toned, and your joints healthy, all in all, they really help in anti-aging.

Since the beginning when trends started creating a major shift in the industries till this modern era, the latest and ongoing trends have always and are even now defining the lifestyles of many, both young and older individuals. It’s like a code that we practice and preach to fit in and keep ourselves up to date with the latest hot news that everyone keeps talking about. Some might or might not be aware of the impact that these trends influence in developing our personalities.

These styles have gone on to make a popular trend of themselves since the start-some of them have taken the industry by a storm and created an immense influence on every generation through it reign. Here are some of the most common fitness trends that have changed the entire industry.

Waist Training

Fitness trends are one the popular styles that are spread amongst a wide range of women in particular who desire the perfect hourglass figure. For years they have salvaged themselves to different kinds of weight loss methods-one of them including the waist training. 

The training revolves around wearing a waist trainer-a high compression wearing garment worn around the waist to keep it firm. It makes help keep the posture straight, improves workout routine and eventually with its daily wear, you end up coming closer to having your desirable hourglass figure.


One of the very first and ever so famous fitness trend has been yoga. Due to the several health factors behind this, many people have benefitted from taking on yoga as an important part of their daily lives. 

Originating from Ancient India, yoga involves a series of stretches that bring about a positive physical, mental and spiritual impact. there is no wonder why yoga has been such a long-term fitness trend- it involves getting an improvement in muscle fibers, respiration and balanced metabolism plus the increase in flexibility, weight loss and better athletic performances. What’s better is that these are just one of the very few benefits amongst so many more! 

yoga pose

Functional Fitness

One of the most basic fitness trend since the start which has been growing popular again in the new generation.

It is a series of movements using all your muscles at the same time -working in a way which is similar to doing tasks every day in your life such as bending down to grab something you dropped or have placed on the floor. The reason why it has remained so trendy has to do with the fact that it serves as an overall body exercise that improves your coordination and balance while alongside giving you power and endurance to conduct your work without breaking a sweat. You will see people doing their chores in yoga pants or track suits, because they are comfortable in them.

Consequently, it gives you more stamina and energy to perform your everyday tasks with ease and efficiency.

Wearable Techs

There has been a boom of devices being upgraded to assist in people’s health within the reach of their fingertips. Technological advancements such as the Apple Watch , FitBit and the various apps on smartphones have given us the variety of choices to pick from. Each device has it own method on how to provide you with the feedback of your daily physical activities. They keep a record of your sleep routines, number of steps you take, duration of your workout and even the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.

This allows you to be more conscious of what you eat and how much physical activity you conduct in a day. You become more self-aware of your body and are inclined towards changing it for the better.

Best online zumba classes


Originating from Columbia in the mid-90s, Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout introduced by celebrity fitness trainer Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez. Funnily enough, Zumba was actually developed by ‘accident’-the trainer forgot his music tapes and hence had to improvise in one of his classes with music that motivated him. People loved it since the start hence giving origin to Zumba and its popularity has been rising ever since.  

Rather than a workout out routine, it is more like dancing that burns of the excessive calories and creates a positive vibe amongst people dancing that brings about stamina and energy and a whole lot of sweat- which means that the Zumba has paid off in maintaining your body shape!

Obstacle races 

This trend not only helped an individual maintain their bodyweight and gain power, it became a new-found sport involving going outside, competing in events amongst a group of people from all age groups to work as a team alongside you.

Challenging obstacles in the race brings out the competitive spirits of participants who get geared up for these races. Their popularity has gained its appeal from the different types of levels from beginner to professional races that everyone enjoys taking part on consequently making it a huge fitness trend to this day.

Technology has changed the world quiet a lot. People prefer to exercise at home through YouTube videos rather than going to the gym. 

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