What Does Needling Do to Your Skin? 

If you don’t know much about what skin needling is, it is actually a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. For this cosmetic procedure, experienced doctors use a medical-grade roller or dermapen. It oscillates over the surface, creating evenly spaced micro-injuries to the upper epidermal layer of the skin.   It involves ultrafine needles to prick. This happening […]

The benefits of a plant-based diet for your skin

Glass skin is all the rave these days. The term “glass skin” originated from the Korean beauty scene, referring to clear and flawless skin that resembles glass. You may assume you need a ton of skin products to achieve this look, but you can start at home. Our post ‘How to Get Glass Skin Naturally […]

Why Kelp is so good for your skin

a school of fish swimming with seaweed in the background

Did you know that Kelp contains approximately 30 minerals. It is a rich source of iodine, calcium, sulfur , and silicon. Other minerals include phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium , chloride, copper, zinc, manganese , barium, boron, chromium , lithium, nickel, silver, titanium, vanadium , aluminum, strontium, bismuth, chlorine, cobalt, gallium, tin, and zirconium. Kelp also contains vitamins C, E, D, K, and B complex. […]

Can I use the Tri Pollar With Clean Products

As a beauty clean expert and junkie, I have elevated my skincare routine to unparalleled luxury with the STOP Vx Gold and combat signs of aging with professional results from the comfort of your home. This fabulous anti-aging device beautifully luxurious with its new sleek gold cover, it also offers our best ever treatment with […]

Microneedling For Awesome Skin

Microneedling for collagen induction (CIT) has so many amazing benefits. Yes, Controlled skin injuries produced by microneedling send the skin into a repair mode that triggers the body to produce new collagen as well as elastin, providing our skin with plumpness and resilience. Importantly, it isn’t just the microneedling that brings all this goodness. What […]

Why Is Plant Stem Cells Good For Your Skin?

Plant stem cells

Plant regeneration at the cellular and tissue level is a unique process. Similar to animals, the stem cells in plants have properties that help stimulate and regenerate plants after injury. The unique properties of plant stem cells have been a recent area of interest and focus both in developing new cosmetics and studying how these […]

7 Reasons Your Skin Looks Dull – and How to Get it Glowing

Your skin is a protective barrier that keeps you safe against all kinds of infection, that can otherwise harm your body. Don’t you feel that you should be taking precautionary measures to maintain its inner glow and vitality? However, sometimes your skin looks a little less than glowing.  It can be a condition induced from […]

How to Get Glowing Skin With Skin Yoga

Face yoga is just one way to get that natural glow to your skin. Face yoga is an easy way to make your skincare practice feel new and different. Can yoga improve skin? Skin Yoga can do wonders for your skin as well as your muscles. By detoxifying and reducing cortisol levels, it prevents pimples and acne and […]

Plant-Based Skincare For Glowing Skin

Did you know that it takes over 2,200 pounds of plant material to produce only 3 lb of this precious oil? This makes Helichrysum one of the most expensive and labor-intensive herbs to procure, and as an unfortunate result comes with a history of adulteration. Helichrysum’s unique chemical compounds, such as curcumene, di-ketones, and neryl-acetate […]

What Is Glass Skin Korean Botox?

What’s Involved In ‘Skin Botox’? Skin Botox also differs from standard Botox in its procedure. Different needles are used for different parts of the face, and are inserted around 40 to 50 times along the under-eye, forehead and jawline areas, which is significantly more compared to traditional Botox’s three to five times. In saying that, […]