Can Copper peptides stimulate hair follicles?

Did you know that Copper Peptides have the ability to penetrate beneath the epidermis on your face and scalp, potentially helping to build collagen and elastin. Other anti-aging effects are possible too, including reduced inflammation and improved circulation. Copper Peptides effects on the skin Copper Peptides promote collagen production and act as amazing antioxidants. Copper […]

Hair Loss And Copper Peptide 10%

The father of copper peptides is Dr Loren Pickart, who founded Skin Biology, makers of the Folligen product for thinning hair and Super Cop 2X. Dr Pickart made the original discovery that the tripeptide GHK, a specific copper peptide, could “remodel” human tissue. He recently sent me an article of his that was published in the 2009 American […]