Yet Few Consumers Know What They’re Made From. 

Not-for-profit AminoFacts reviews common amino acids supplement brands for their immunity-boosting ingredients and sourcing practices for a conscious diet.  

CHICAGO (Feb. 25, 2021)
 – As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the importance of a strong immune system into sharp focus, AminoFacts, an independent, non-profit organization based in the US that advocates for transparency around Food Grade Amino Acids in dietary supplements, today released a review of supplement brands that are designed to boost immunity. 

Approximately 77% of U.S. consumers take supplements, according to a survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition.  Meanwhile, 94% say it is important that brands transparent about what is in their food and how it is made, according to a study by Label Insight. Yet, a recent survey conducted by AminoFacts suggests that only a third of consumers know how amino acid supplement products are sourced

To help, AminoFacts, under the guidance of board member Clare Hasler-Lewis Ph.D., has conducted an independent review of leading supplements for their immunity-building properties and ethical sourcing. 

Amino Acids 101

Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. The human body uses amino acids to make all proteins in the body. There are three groups of amino acids: essential, nonessential, and conditional. It’s the essential amino acids that we must get from our diet – they cannot be made by the body. There are nine essential amino acids and they are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

Amino acids for the supplement market are either extracted from plants or animals or manufactured synthetically.  Plant-based sources include sugarcane, beet, peas, and corn. Animal sources can be made from meat and meat byproducts such as human hair, feathers, fish silage, blood, milk, and stomach contents.

Immunity-boosting Amino Acids

Protein-rich diets can help ensure that the body maintains levels of certain amino acids. Diets that lack the specific amino acids can lead to lower white blood cell counts, inhibiting the body’s ability to combat disease. The following amino acids can strengthen key functions of the immune system:

  • L-Arginine and L-Citrulline help activate the body’s white blood cells, which detect, ingest and eliminate harmful foreign bodies including viruses.
  • Glutathione, L-Cysteine, N-Acetyl Cysteine (aka NAC), and Cystine are antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, which are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness, aging and a host of diseases.
  • Histidine helps reduce overactive allergic and inflammatory reactions to germs and other bacteria, which can cause the immune system to overreact and destroy healthy tissue and lead to autoimmune disease.
  • L-Glutamine is used when one is sick or injured, as it helps kill invading pathogens by boosting white cell production in key organs such as the liver. It is also essential to gut health, which has an impact on the immune system.
  • L-Lysine works to relieve stress in the body to regulate the immune response.

A More Conscious Consumer

While demand for supplements is high, the consumer is becoming more conscious about the ethical and natural sourcing of supplements. Labels on some popular amino acid supplements can be difficult to navigate – some make claims that are true for all products, and some are less-than-transparent about where their products are sourced and how they are made. For example, while amino acids sourced from plants or animals are molecularly identical and equally effective, some manufacturers don’t list the sourcing for their products, which has ethical implications for consumers with plant-based lifestyle preferences.

“Supplements can be a great way to make sure you are getting the amino acids you need for optimal immunity health,” said AminoFacts Board Member, Clare Hasler-Lewis, Ph.D., and co-founder and CEO of natural supplements company OlivinoLife, Inc. “But not all supplements are created the same.  Many consumers may not be aware that their supplements are made with materials derived from animal parts, and many have fillers and other additives. This begs the question: what are consumers supposed to think?”

To help consumers get the benefits of supplements while still adhering to their values, AminoFacts has reviewed products that are blended immunity solutions containing one or more amino acids along with immune-boosting vitamins and other natural products, as well as individual amino acid supplements that can help maintain immune health. AminoFacts contacted the manufacturers and reviewed the labels to determine which brands are most animal- and planet-friendly.  Among the brands reviewed at aminofacts.org are: 


  • Pure Nature Immunity Complex
  • ImmuneMD Comprehensive Immune Support
  • Carlson Glutathione Booster


  • Pure Encapsulations L-Lysine
  • NOW L-Arginine
  • Solgar L-Glutamine
  • Source Naturals L-Arginine L-Citrulline Complex
  • Swanson Free-form Lysine

“The supplement market is a bit behind the food industry in terms of providing consumers with specific and consistent information about what they’re putting into their bodies,” said David Madsen, Ph.D. and AminoFacts Board member. “It is important for consumers to know what questions to ask, and how to decipher labels to find answers.” 

Amino Facts is also offering all consumers the chance to submit their favorite brand to aminofacts.org for an evaluation. 

About AminoFacts

AminoFacts is an independent, non-profit organization that brings transparency to sourcing and production processes around food-grade amino acids, a significant ingredient in many dietary supplements so that consumers know more about what they’re putting into their bodies. The organization was established as a response to comprehensive public opinion research in the San Francisco metropolitan area that showed little knowledge, even among active supplement takers, of where amino acids are sourced and how they are made. AminoFacts is dedicated to providing information on the industry’s sourcing and manufacturing trends, along with information on leading U.S. brands. The organization’s advisors include experts on supplements, regulatory requirements, and manufacturing processes for food-grade amino acids, as well as scientists and leaders within the food and dietary supplement sectors.

Your habits can either enhance your natural beauty or detract from it. Fortunately, it’s easy to take care of yourself from the inside out to make yourself look and feel more beautiful. It doesn’t take much to get started, either. The following habits will help you immensely.

Get Those Vitamins

Certain vitamins are essential for natural beauty, in part because they make your life better in general. For example, vitamin C can strengthen your immune system and fill you full of antioxidants, while vitamin D can boost your energy, and vitamin E is a must for the health of your hair, nails, and skin. You can get many vitamins with the right diet, but it can also be helpful to take daily supplements or multivitamins.

Boost Your Energy

When you have plenty of energy, you have a definite glow. A regular exercise routine can keep those endorphins going, but if you need a boost, then you should look for health boosters. Stay away from too much caffeine and don’t be tempted to get by with a sugar rush.

Indulge in Beauty Sleep

Sleep is essential. When you don’t get enough sleep, it shows. You may have bags under your eyes. Your skin may appear lax and unhealthy. Your energy levels are low, as well, and it becomes harder to fight the physical signs of aging. Find out how much sleep your body needs to function at prime levels. If that means taking a nap occasionally, then, by all means, have a snooze!

Think of Your Oral Health

Proper oral care enhances your natural beauty. You have to be able to smile with confidence. That means regularly brushing and flossing, as well as dental checkups. It may improve your mood, confidence, and appearance to deal with dental issues, such as stained teeth or an uneven bite.

Eat and Drink for Beauty

The beverages and foods you ingest make a difference. Drink plenty of water every day, and stay away from too much caffeine and soda. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, especially leafy greens. Lean proteins are best, as well.

What healthy habits do you follow to improve your natural beauty?

This fabulous creamy smoothie is high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps to keep the skin firm by aiding collagen production. Blueberries have high antioxidant activities and is believed to slow the aging process by preventing oxidation, inhibiting mutation of DNA and helping to restore damaged DNA. Plant-based protein powder is rich in protein and protein is the key nutrient for ageless, beautiful skin. Plant-Based Protein provides a full amino acid profile with all organic fermented pea protein, goji berry protein, and hemp seed protein and MCTs from coconut. 

Warrior blend fuses the power of several rich protein sources into one smooth, great-tasting formula that is overwhelmingly superior to the individual components alone. Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut work synergistically with the other ingredients to create a unique vegan protein exceptionally rich in amino acids and BCAAs.

Yellow Peas (fermented)
Low in calories, high in fiber, a complete amino acid profile protein with a remarkable amount of BCAAs. Pea protein helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass, which increases metabolism and burns fat.

Hemp Seed
A complete fibrous protein, containing building blocks for metabolic enzymes. This superfood is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (3:1 ratio) which support the heart and immune system. Hemp naturally contains vitamins and minerals, is easy to digest, and absorbs quickly which provides quick energy.

Hands holding abundance of red dried goji berries, top view

Goji Berry
These bright berries are one of the only fruits to contain all the essential amino acids. Goji berries are a nutrient-dense superfood that delivers antioxidants, vitamins, and carotenoids with their tangy flavor.

Coconuts contain essential fatty acids existing in just the right amount to be burned as energy, rather than stored as fat. MCT‘s also help support healthy inflammatory response, boost the immune system, and enhance muscle recovery after exercise.

Ecoteatox, strawberries, ice, raw honey and almond milk into a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour into your favorite bowl.  Top with fresh berries and enjoy!

Ecoteatox Organic Detox tTea

But what is Ecoteatox?

100% organic & kosher, skinny detox tea for skin & weight management.

ECOTEATOX® can help with the following and promotes:

  • Aid in weight management
  • Boost metabolism
  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce Bloating
  • Decrease water retention
  • Cleanse and detoxify the major internal organs
  • Improve complexion
  • Helps balance blood sugar and pancreatic functions
  • Helps fight and inhibit free radicals
  • Helps unclog arteries and supports liver function
  • Helps strengthen the immune system
  • Helps improve the digestive system
  • Helps improve blood circulation

Your genes can help you see what might lie ahead. For example, if you have a gene associated with faster-than-average skin aging, you can take extra good care of it now to help offset that genetic influence.

Knowing more about your genes helps you tailor your lifestyle to what suits you best. For instance: If your genes suggest you might metabolize caffeine more slowly than the norm, you may want to consider watching your daily intake.

Test your DNA for anti-aging purposes

You can “>buy the DNA test online

The ORIG3N is the best Skin Aging DNA test!

There are some genetic markers for predispositions, but most of these results are probably generalized based on your genetic background.

Obesity may make the epigenetic clock in human liver cells tick faster, and heroin use can accelerate biological aging in brain cells.

Skin aging is a complex process influenced by hereditary and environmental factors. Recent studies on twins have revealed that up to 60% of the skin aging variation between individuals can be attributed to genetic factors, while the remaining 40% is due to non-genetic factors.

When creating this genetic test for skin care, our goal was to perform a classification of each marker based on a set of multiple polymorphisms associated with certain skin properties to provide personalized skin care and anti-aging therapies. Oxidative stress is another of the great cause of skin aging. Our body has its own antioxidant system, but not all have an equally effective one. Throughout our genetic data, we can see how our body behaves in this aspect and we will see how to help it in this process according to our genomics. The same thing is about our ability to deal with pollution, our dermal sensitivity, predisposition to skin inflammation, acne, varicose veins, etc. Very relevant information when designing the strategy for our skin care.

There’s still much to learn when it comes to decoding the link between genetics and longevity, but, increasingly, studies into a range of genes are revealing tantalizing clues about the role that the genome plays in determining an animal’s lifespan. Here’s a look at three genes researchers have identified as promising candidates in the science of longevity.

Though the expression of CISD2 decreases on its own as mice age, researchers in this study discovered that both male and female mice without CISD2 all showed signs of premature aging, such as cell death and neuron and muscle cell degeneration. More recent research confirms that mice without the CISD2 gene have shorter lifespans, and suggests that CISD2 may affect genetic pathways linked to lifespan and other physiological signs of aging. Maintaining CISD2 expression could possibly lengthen the human lifespan or slow signs of aging.

From smartphones to the computer screen, we are operating our eyes to glare at small images and fonts higher ever before.

Hence, ask yourself this, are you consuming vitamin and minerals rich foods that are essentials for your eyes? Are you doing relaxation exercises? while we stay involved in carrying out our everyday routines and spend hours in front of the smartphones and computer screen, we rarely take out time to visit the eye care provider.

But, luckily there are exercises and ways which you can do to improve your eyesight naturally. Taking care of your eyes is really essential, it is one of the major organs of a human body.

Look at some ways that can help you improve vision naturally.

Rest properly:


You may not know, but various eye conditions are signs of sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea? Enhancing your sleep patterns and eye health go hand in hand. You can improve your eyesight naturally by getting enough sleep and breaks while on the work.

You can improve your sleep by having strain-free and well-rested eyes.

It’s not possible to sleep on the job, but you can take small breaks, especially if you work in front of a computer screen all day, do yourself a small favor by having a small break for maximum 10 minutes for every 30 minutes spent in front of the computer screen.

Besides this, getting 8 hours of sleep is extremely important for your eye health. So try it, sleep for eight hours for a week and see the change by yourself in your eye health.

Exercise your eyes:


There are some simple exercises which if you do regularly can help you improve your eyesight naturally and steadily.

Perform these exercises in the morning, evening and before bedtime. Clean your hands before performing these exercises. If you commit these exercises daily then, you may just observe the changes within a week.

Few examples of eye exercises:

Warm your eyes

Rub your hands gently together and place them over your eyes for about 5-10 seconds. Repeat this for 3-5 times.

Do this before performing any eye exercises to prepare your eyes!

Begin exercising by rolling your eyes. Continue rolling your eyes without hurting your eyes, look up and down as far as you can. Repeat 10 times for each side.

Grab a pen

Take a pen and hold it at arm’s length, assure the pen is straight at eye level. Concentrate on the tip of the pen and move it close to your eyes without losing concentration.

Repeat this exercise for about 10 times.

Give a message

Give a message to your eyes for around 5 minutes after performing all eye exercises. Massage under your eyes and over your eyebrows with your fingertips.


Apply heat once again to your eyes by rubbing your palms against your eyes.

Wear sunglasses:


Sunglasses aren’t meant for just looking cool, wearing them is the most essential steps you can take to improve your eyesight. Wear sunglasses that are 100% UVB and UVA protected.

Shades help protect your eye from eye conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and pterygium. Your eyes should be protected from bright sunlight. So whenever you go out of the house, wear sunglasses. This will protect your eyes and prevent it from UV damage and photodamage.

Keep your lenses and hands clean:


Your eyes are prone to infections and germs. Even things that just discomfort your eyes can affect your eye vision.

So to avoid any discomfort, always keep your hands clean before touching the area around your eyes or eyes.

If you wear contact lenses, do not touch them with dirty hands. First, wash your hands then touch them. This is because germs in your lenses can lead to serious bacterial infections of the eyes.

Feed your eyes:


To improve your eyesight naturally, feed your tummy with food items rich in vitamin A, C and E. food sources for these essential nutrients a different of colorful fruits and vegetables, like:


Carrots are delightful and healthful vegetables. They are extremely versatile and transmit a wonderful hue to any recipe.

They are stuffed with beta-carotene, and rich in vitamin A. Scientists have discovered that eating carrots improve vision ( night vision)  in individuals and can ward off the deterioration of eyesight.

Carrots further help limit oxidative inflammation and damage – the two serious causes of eyesight problems.


Spinach contains Vitamin A, E, B and C, and minerals like zinc and iron, and phytonutrients such as zeaxanthin and lutein. The lutein, carotenoids, and zeaxanthin have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Thus, consuming spinach regularly can assist ward off cataracts and macular degeneration. As spinach contains zinc, it also keeps your corneas healthy.


Nuts are rich in Vitamin E. consuming nuts can helps in reducing inflammation. According got various researches, it has been noted that nuts also prevent age-related contract formation.


Broccoli offers numbers of benefits to human health. Broccoli is rich in vitamin A vitamin E and Vitamin C. it helps protect your eyesight health by preventing oxidative and photodamage.

Take care of allergies


Allergies can provide you with puffy eyes. The best way to stay away from such allergies is to avoid substances that target your allergies.

General suspects include mold, dust, and pollen. You can also contact with your eye doctor and get prescribed you a wash that you can clean your eyes with and help you deal with eye allergies.

Citrus fruits

Your eyes have a high metabolic rate, hence, your eyes constantly need antioxidants to clean out toxins. Citrus fruits like berries, oranges, and kiwis are stuffed with vitamin C and have an awesome immunity booster.

Avoid sugary foods:


Try to say No to sugary foods, as they are not good for your eyes. The more sugar you consume the worse your vision will become.

Go for a walk:

If you want to enhance your eyesight quickly, daily take a 10-minute walk in nature if possible. If you wear glasses, then find a place where you can walk safely.

This will not only improve your vision but also give you the confidence of walking on a without glasses.

Manage chronic conditions:

Many people think that diabetes is the only corenal ad retina disease that affects their vision. But, no there are many other conditions like multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, that can affect your vision.

These conditions are connected to chronic inflammation, which can affect your health from head to toe.

Definitely, these tricks and tips will help you strengthen and improve your natural vision. Protecting your eyes will lead to a healthier lifestyle, so keep proper care of your eyes.

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LASIK laser eye surgery is a life-changing procedure that can free you from the burden of wearing glasses, keeping up with prescriptions and missing out on experiences because you’re worried about your eyewear. LASIK differs from regular laser eye surgery (also known as photorefractive keratectomy laser surgery) in how it deals with the cornea. In LASIK, a thin flap on the cornea is created using a layer, exposing the underlying tissue. With photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), a layer of the cornea is removed to allow light to shine into the eye properly. LASIK offers benefits in terms of healing time and has fewer risks of complications.


The Laser Eye Surgery Experience

Crystal Clear Vision



Julie writes a recipe and lifestyle blog called Table For Two. She received LASIK despite having some contraindications she thought might preclude her from the procedure.

“It is life-changing and seriously mind-blowing…I’ve always wanted to get LASIK. For years. I never thought I’d actually qualify for it because of my rheumatoid arthritis.”

“As soon as we were driving home, my eyes started to burn. Not like a painful burn but it felt like I squeezed sunscreen in both my eyes and my eyes would not stop tearing.

It lasted for about an hour when I was lying in bed with my eyes closed but then I fell asleep and three hours later I woke up to a clearer vision. Holy crap — it was mind-blowing. It was a little bit hazy still but I could see A LOT better than previously without contacts or glasses…The day after LASIK I woke up to crystal clear vision. Like I had slept in my contacts or had glasses on. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and could see across the room at the digital clock and clearly read the time. I didn’t have to stumble into the bathroom and when I came downstairs, everything was clear.”


Nerve-Wracking But Worth It


Mike Taber of The Single Founder blog says,

“I finally took the plunge and had LASIK laser eye surgery on my eyes. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for close to ten years now, but given my profession, I’ve always been very hesitant about it.”

Mike’s experience was filled with a few more nerves and uncomfortable moments than Julie’s. Despite the challenges, he would do it all over again.

“In the end, the whole process for both eyes only lasted about 15 minutes. Immediately afterward, everything was fuzzy which I was told is normal. They taped these clear plastic, Spiderman eye shaped shields over my eyes and I sat in the waiting room with my eyes closed for the next two hours. It probably should only have been 30-45 minutes, but they were really busy and never got back to me. No joke there…I’m certainly not going to say that I enjoyed the experience, but the results so far have been totally worth it. If I had to go back in time knowing what I know now, I would definitely do it again.”


Freedom From Contacts


Becca writes an active lifestyle blog called From Strength To Strength. She was interested in LASIK to help her further enjoy exercising.

“The results of the surgery will mean that I’ll be able to run and exercise without contact lenses or glasses and that will be completely brilliant…I have (or should I say had) astigmatism which basically means that my cornea is irregularly shaped…I have contemplated laser surgery for years but have always been a little scared of having it done – what if it were to go wrong? Initially, I was also concerned that it was a relatively new procedure and that not much was known about the long-term effects.”

“But that was years ago and as time has passed I have seen more and more friends and colleagues undergo the procedure and have amazing results. Not one person that I know who’s had it done has a bad thing to say about it…To allow the laser to treat the correct part of the eye, a flap has to be made in the cornea. In the type of treatment that I had this is done with a laser. A plastic guard was put over my eye to stop me from blinking and then the laser was brought into contact with the surface of the cornea. This was the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure as pressure is applied to the eye and while it doesn’t hurt, thanks to the anesthetic, it’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“But it was over in 30 seconds, the other eye was done just as quickly and then I was ready to have the actual treatment…The whole thing took less than 15 minutes and as soon as I stood up I could tell that something had changed. Things were a bit blurry but I could already see unaided better than I’d been able to in years. Amazing.”

Even Celebrities Have Done It

Celebrities rely on their appearance more than anyone else, so it’s no wonder many of them have opted for LASIK to give them more versatility. A few celebrities you’ll definitely have heard of include:

  • Nicole Kidman
  • Brad Pitt
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Tiger Woods
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Elton John
  • Richard Branson
  • Mel B

Who knew? It just goes to show whether you’re a sports star, a singer or an actor, it can be handy not to have to worry about your vision.

It’s Now or Never

LASIK is an extremely safe, affordable and convenient solution for glasses-wearers looking to chuck their spectacles once and for all. Most people have some apprehensions going into the surgery, but if you choose experienced clinicians, you will have nothing to be worried about. A life without the encumbrance of glasses is too tempting for many to pass up, making LASIK one of the most common and perfected surgical techniques today.

They say 60 is the new 30. Okay, maybe that’s not true, but they should say it. Age really is nothing but a number, and if you take steps to keep yourself spry and spirited, your number won’t stop you from living life to the fullest. Here are a few ways to keep your healthy lifestyle going regardless of age.

Reach for the bottle (of water). Water is life. That pretty much sums up the importance of staying hydrated. If you don’t like plain old tap water, Harvard Health Publishing asserts that you can sneak in some of your daily intakes by eating water-rich foods. These include green vegetables and watermelon. You can also add fruit to your water for guilt-free flavor.

Enjoy the sunshine responsibly. If you’re the outdoor type, you should be stocked up on sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. Sunscreen, along with wearing a hat, sunglasses, and skin-covering clothing, can help you avoid skin cancer. If that’s not enough, the best sunscreens can even help you stave off wrinkles and that leathery skin we all fear.

Take care of the skin you’re in. Drinking water will go a long way toward keeping your skin young and healthy, but it’s not enough. If you normally wear makeup, switch to high-quality products that won’t dry your skin out or clog your pores. A hydrating body lotion and facial moisturizer will keep skin supple.

Early to bed… There is a common misconception that older adults don’t need as much sleep as everyone else. According to the National Sleep Foundation, that’s a dangerous myth. Beyond childhood, adults need seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night. If you find that you have issues falling or staying asleep, ask your doctor if it could be your medication keeping you awake. Not getting enough sleep is linked to all sorts of health conditions, including depression and heart disease. As well, sleep deprivation can trigger weight gain and tank your cognitive abilities.

Enjoy family time. Seniors are at a greater risk of loneliness than their children and grandchildren. Make a point to spend time with friends and family, and you’ll enjoy a healthier, longer life.

Start your day with balance. Breakfast is the fuel that gives you your go. A great morning meal includes something out of most food groups: protein for muscle mass, carbohydrates for energy, dairy for bone health, and fruits/vegetables for that all-important fiber that helps you…go. Here are more than 60 busy-day breakfast ideas that will keep you full and ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. 

Grab a paintbrush. United Methodist Homes, a 140-year-old senior care provider, reports that hobbies support the mind and allow for physical activity. It doesn’t matter what you do. Whether you paint a masterpiece, play Bridge once a week, or sow seeds in a small backyard garden, your hobby should be something you enjoy and that brings you pleasure. You don’t have to be good at it, either.

Clear the clutter. If you want to be truly happy in your home and life, you have to clear the clutter, both literally and figuratively. At home, get rid of anything that doesn’t enhance your quality of life. Those old dress pants from the 1980s…Gone. Boxes of yard sale leftovers that collect dust in the attic…Gone. More than the physical clutter, you need to eliminate emotional baggage that keeps you down. Make amends with people who have hurt you. Share your biggest secrets. Do whatever it takes to give you a clear conscious, and you’ll find that you have more room to grow and the freedom to enjoy your best years.

Above all else, use common sense. If it doesn’t make you feel your best, don’t do it. You don’t have to give in to age. Make age give in to you by jumping ahead of the monster that is time.

Credit: Jason Lewis

Meditation can also help us to understand our own mind. We can learn how to transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.

Overcoming negative minds and cultivating constructive thoughts is the purpose of the transforming meditations found in the Buddhist tradition.

With a 10-Minute Mindfulness Practice. Your mind is built to crave. We can respond to cravings in two ways: sate them, or notice our triggers and work with them.

Let us build awareness around how cravings surface in mind and body so we can break free from unhealthy habits.

How to meditate: Simple meditation for beginners

Sit or lie comfortably. You may even want to invest in a meditation chair or cushion.
Close your eyes. …

Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.
Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, breathe steadily in and out, inviting deeper and deeper relaxation and calmness into your body with each breath. Then releasing and tension with every outward breath. Breathing yourself deeper and deeper into a state of peace and calm.

When you feel nicely at ease bring your attention to your heart. Listen gently. Listen to any messages coming through from it. Your heart is the key to your life when you listen to it effectively and act upon what you hear from it your life flows in a smoother and more joyful way.

Listen To Your Heart

For each message you receive, thank your heart for bringing whatever it was to your attention. Be kind to your heart, let it know that you are sorry and that you will pay better attention to it from this moment onwards. Gratitude and forgiveness are important things through all of this process.

Expand out from your heart, allow thoughts to come through from your life, noticing how your life would have been different if you had had a greater appreciation of yourself through various events in the past. Notice how you would feel differently about your life, and how people would feel differently about you too, notice the increasing positivity and appreciation from all. Notice how you can easily adapt so that your life can be positive in that way now.

I love this video and recommend you to try it. Always been fascinated with meditation.

Enjoy! Anis