Can Makeup Be Your Secret Poker Weapon?

Good makeup can be your weapon against the world, wherever you are. It can make you feel confident, self-assured and mask the insecurities you have. Some women discuss putting on their makeup as ‘putting on their war paint’ as if it alters their state of mind. One brand even seized upon that and brought out […]

How long the Glow derma foundation last on the skin?

What is the Glow Derma Foundation? The Glow Derma Foundation is a cosmetic procedure that originally came from France, is a treatment where a skin needle with organic, vegan pigments are implanted into the stratum corneum is the outer layer of the skin (epidermis), to give your face a dewy glow similar to applying a foundation. The Glow Derma […]

Why are organic makeup products better?

Many people like organic makeup because it has fewer potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. like parabens, a synthetic preservative often found in regular cosmetics. Your skin is organic and needs to be feed. If you use makeup on a daily basis your are applying a product to your skin that will penetrate the skin and goes […]

5 cocktail party makeups that compliment your dresses

Just like your wardrobe makeup also requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. The event, the lighting, the color of your wardrobe, the shape of your face and so many minute details play a key role in determining the ideal make up for any day. Your make up reflects your style and attitude […]

The Definitive Guide to Finding the Perfect Red Lipstick for You

The red lipstick – bold, chic, the simplest way to elevate your look and make a style statement. Makeup trends come and go, but the scarlet lip will never go out of fashion.  While it is said that red lipstick is universally flattering, it is still important to find the right shade, tone, texture, and […]

Sparkle and Shine: Festive Makeup Ideas

Your makeup is just as important as your outfit, particularly during the Christmas season. And Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas without a whole load of glitter to create the ultimate festive eye. Whether you are going out for festive drinks with friends, or on a works Christmas night out, there is no need to hold […]

Top 8 travel beauty tips that may help you

Top 8 travel beauty tips that may help you So, you’re all set with your travel plans and bookings. But hey! Did you forget to look for some good travel beauty tips?  Yes, of course, you may have selected the best ever destinations to travel, there might be a really great stuff to deal with. […]

Black Friday Week Started Today Buy 1 Get 1 Free

At I’m Fabulous Cosmetics we have started Black Friday. We are offering buy 1 get 1 free on all items. Great idea to buy 1 for you and give the other item to your loved one for the holidays season. You can buy any items and as many as you want. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE […]

What is a Beauty Brand Ambassador?

You might have heard of beauty brand ambassador in social media by now. Brands recruiting beauty enthusiasts to sample and evaluate a variety of great beauty products. Who is an AMBASSADOR? An AMBASSADOR is a CELEBRATED BEAUTY INFLUENCER with these credentials: An Influential YouTube Beauty Guru, Beauty Obsessed Blogger or Instagram Superstar A well-known Beauty Personality with […]