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You probably need to be selective about products you’re going to use to beautify your nails even more. Nothing could be more disheartening than watching your gel nail polish chip out just the next day of the manicure. You would certainly not want this anytime. You would always try to rely on the best gel polish kits in that case. 

Gel manicures had been easily accessible these days and this is certainly the fact that makes it more popular presently. You can quit going bare or chipped nails just for the sake of saving money, for now, the best gel nail polish kits are available at absolutely reasonable retail prices. Also, you can get a gel manicure done very easily at home in a few simple steps. You can get salon grade sleek nails very easily within sometimes without the need of leaving home. 

Best Gel Polish Kits for You 

Manicure is no complex task now and you can do it for yourself very easily. However, using the best quality, salon grade nail polishes is of equal importance. This will, therefore, help in getting a perfect finish and long-lasting shade for your beautiful nails. 

1.    Sally Hansen-Salon Insta-Gel Strips 

Sally Hansen brings up an entirely different concept with its gel polish strips. These salon grade gel strips are easy to use and can last for at least 2 weeks. It is an excellent kit to have for the ones who are beginners or not used to these processes. You can select the most appropriate from the wide range of different colors. The gel strips being easy to handle could be removed easily with the regular nail paint remover. 

It is a convenient option to be used, however; it would cost you a bit more.  This kit comes with a mini LED lamp (single finger), 16 gel polish strips, 2 nail cleanser pads, gel top coat, cuticle stick, and buffer along with an instruction sheet. 

2.    Essie Gel couture Nail Polish Kit 

This is an absolutely interesting gel polish kit. This isn’t exactly a gel but a polish that gives gel-like finish on drying. Also, this finish could last till almost 2 weeks of wear. It comes with a clear gel coat and a color gel polish. The interesting part is that it doesn’t require a base coat. You can get more than 10 gel colors at a cost that is just one-third of what you will spend on manicures 10 times. You will never regret having this in your nail beauty collection

3.    Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish 

This is a way more complicated kit than any others. You will need to deal with it with more patience and keep up with the process step-by-step. It will, however, work for you just like a professional does. 

This kit includes 5 gel polishes (2 minis + 3 regular sized) and an LED Drying Curing Lamp. In order to dry, it requires 30 seconds curing under the LED land and 2 minutes under the UV Lamp. It is likely to last up to 21 days retaining its shine without chipping. Honestly speaking, it is hard to take off. This is an amazing kit to have for those who have great nail skills and enjoy doing things for their nails on their own. 

4.    Sensationail Gel Transformer Starter Kit 

Extraordinarily improving from time to time Sensationail has entered the at-home gel polish market, excelling as per consumer demands. The Gel Transformer Starter Kit by Sensationail does a promising task of turning nail polishes to gel. 

With the LED Lamp and the special top coat, you may be able to turn any regular nail paint into a shiny, long-lasting gel. This kit comes with a polish; top coats and base coat other manicure accessories and an LED lamp. Though there are no tools, skills or steps involved in using this gel nail polish kit, it will let you have a shiny manicure that can last fresh up to 2 weeks at least. 

5.    OPI Gel Color Professional Icon Intro Kit 

OPI is a familiar name to almost everyone. Its products are some of the most reliable ones in the professional nail industry. If you won’t mind spending on a gel polish kit, this one is just the pick for you. It comes with an OPI LED lamp, 6 full-sized OPI Gel Colors, Top Coat, and Base Coat, Remover, Bonder, Cuticle Stick, Salon Mitts, Color Palette, 20 Foil Remover Wraps and a palette with beaded chains. 

6.    CND Shellac Intro Pack 

This is one of the very first companies to produce ideal nail paints; also, the most recognized. This Intro pack by CND Shellac is known well for its longevity and durability. The only limitation is that this kit does not include an LED/UV lamp. Therefore, you may have to get it separately. However, there are all products that are essential for a professional gel manicure. 

7.    The Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit 

Red Carpet Manicure (RMC) is a world-class brand and the first one to avail at-home gel manicures that were earlier restricted to salon-use. RMC offers you a complete professional gel polish kit with all essential tools and accessories required. It comes with an LED lamp which is decent for both hands and feet. 

8.    Le Mini Macaron, Gel Manicure Kit 

This is a travel-sized, super cute, and one of the longest lasting gel polish kits. Because of the clever formula used in the gel polish, you will not require a base coat. Therefore, sits perfectly for the ones who are usually short of time. 

9.    Gel Harmony Complete Gel Nail Starter Kit

This salon grade gel polish kit comes with all essential prep-and-finish basics. There are five gel polishes that arrive as a bonus along with the usual one that is a part of the kit. 

10.    Leighton Denny Top That Gel System 

This is a must-have gel system that allows you to transform any of your nail polishes to a chip-free manicure within a few moments with the gel-like top coat. 

These are some of the most popular and the best gel polish kits that you can prefer and rely on for at-home manicure.

Nail polish is one of the most visual aspects of perfectly manicured hands. While the lovely colors may be adding an irresistible appeal to your nails, this decorative look can also cause excessive damage to them. Nail polishes have preservatives like formaldehyde and solvents like toluene. Even nail polish removers have acetone that damages the nails. Nails take 6 months to recover from the excessive damage caused by the chemicals in nail polish and nail polish removers. The average growth rate of a nail is 3mm per month and with this type of damage, nails take a long time to recover. Also, toenails take twice the time that fingernails take to grow, so these should not be ignored.

A report suggests that out of 20 hazardous ingredients that may cause respiratory tract infections, 17 are present in the nail polish you wear. Does this mean we should stop using nail polish? Not at all. That is definitely not a very practical solution. Knowing what goes into nail polish bottles is the key to saving your nails. It is always a good idea to check the ingredients of your nail polish. There are many quality brands available in the market that can offer complete care and brightening and strengthening of nails.

Do It Yourself

D-I-Y is a low maintenance option that can help in keeping your nails clean, healthy, and pretty. Buy clear nail polish from any drugstore and refer to any of the multiple videos available on youtube. If you cannot avoid salons, make sure that your manicurist first applies a base coat. You can also look for nail polishes that have Vitamin E and other natural oils.

Take a Break

As your body needs oxygen, your nails need to breathe too. You may have noticed that with the persistent use of nail polish, your nails turn pale yellow and dry. This is another effect of the harmful ingredients present in nail polish bottles. To avoid this, it is a good idea to maintain some gap between consecutive applications of the nail polish.

Choose the Right Product

You should always try and choose nail polishes that are infused with ingredients like vitamins and natural oils that will nourish your nails. These nail polishes may be a little expensive because they may contain botanical extracts and other oils. However, one cannot put a price on good health, and you may consider them an investment in getting strong, healthy nails.

Go With the Pro

Following a regular treatment plan is also a good way of protecting your nails. You should get a professional manicure every now and then to maintain the beauty of your nails. The beautician can remove any overgrown skin or help with ingrown nails etc. In case of nail break, prefer a clear brightening product that can moisturize and strengthen your nails.

To avoid the hazardous effects of chemicals to you and the beautician, choose salons that are airy and well ventilated. Ensure that they use natural moisturizers and removers. You may save a few bucks in ‘pocket-friendle’ salons, but in the long run, you may affect your health and well being..

Bring your Own Products to the Salon

Avoiding the salon is not a feasible option as the comfort and ease provided by them is incomparable. But it is not economically feasible at times for these salons to keep natural products as it costs them too much. They need to consider the type of clientele they have and other logistics as well. In such cases, if you still do not want to give your favorite salon a miss, you can request them to allow you to use your own products for your treatment. Have a word with the manicurist or the manager and convince them of your concern.

This step will help you to arouse a sense of awareness about the demand and the availability of such eco-friendly and natural products. More importantly, you will decrease the exposure you and the manicurist have to these hazardous chemicals.



The credit for those yellow stains on your nails goes to dark shades of nail polish. In spite of using nail-polish remover, getting rid of this discoloration is not easy. To avoid this, always apply a layer of base coat. Change your nail polish frequently, but allow a gap of a few days in between, to allow your nails to breathe.

A Quick Tip

To grow healthy nails quickly, dip your nails in cuticle oil for a few minutes and then wash your hands. Then apply a good vitamin infused base coat from a trustworthy brand. But, if your nails have already been damaged it will take a few months to regenerate your nail plate. Prior to using any color, a strengthening base coat application is vital to prevent your nails from any damage.

Your nails may be a very tiny part of your body, but it is important to take good care of them so they remain strong and healthy.

Writer for I’m Fabulous Cosmetics Blog: Jason Liu