Why are organic makeup products better?

Many people like organic makeup because it has fewer potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. like parabens, a synthetic preservative often found in regular cosmetics. Your skin is organic and needs to be feed. If you use makeup on a daily basis your are applying a product to your skin that will penetrate the skin and goes […]

5 Reasons To Use A Non-Toxic Foundation

We love active botanicals and luxurious ingredients that feed your skin; high quantities of our favorite plants, nuts, flowers, and seeds. All the anti-aging, super-moisturizing, ultra-nourishing goodness that hasn’t been diluted down with pointless fillers. Better for your skin, better for your body, better for the environment and better for you. Non-Toxic Foundations are better […]

What is a Beauty Brand Ambassador?

You might have heard of beauty brand ambassador in social media by now. Brands recruiting beauty enthusiasts to sample and evaluate a variety of great beauty products. Who is an AMBASSADOR? An AMBASSADOR is a CELEBRATED BEAUTY INFLUENCER with these credentials: An Influential YouTube Beauty Guru, Beauty Obsessed Blogger or Instagram Superstar A well-known Beauty Personality with […]