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What Are Exactly Nanobrows?

Nanobrows are generally considered as an effective semi-permanent procedure which contributes to combining the artistry of the Microblading. So, the precision of a digital device is included in it. For both the enhanced as well as fuller brows, the overall pigmentation is generally embedded in the skin for creating a usual illusion of the strategically placed hair strokes. Here is given a definitive guide on the overall semi-permanent makeup technique. 

What Are The Particular Difference Between Nanobrows And Microblading?

The effective usage of a digital device over the results of microblade results in generally a much gentle procedure. The slightly more rigid is microblade whereas the single nanoneedle is considered to be flexible as well as ultra fine. So, both more even distribution, as well as maximum precision, is preferably allowed by this. As a result, the particular needs for the additional treatments are effectively reduced by it. Much more intrinsic kinds of patterns, as well as creativity, are mainly allowed by the usage of a single needle digital device. Thus, for the overall customization of each of the brow design, it introduces the preferable ability to use much more techniques.

How Do The Nanobrows Work?

The true diameter, as well as the dimension of real hair, is involved in strong mimic by the stroke of series of the strategically placed device. For the creation of flawless and also natural hair strokes, the particular pigment is dispensed gradually into the skin. 

What Do You Preferably Use To Perform Nanobrows?

In that case, the thing which is generally used for performing nanobrows helps in the prevention of the backflow and so, the Amiea Linella Supreme which usually possesses a patented single mainly use the disposable safety cartridge with a dual membrane. 

Is There Any Particular Reason Of Choosing The Nanobrows Over The Microblading Technique?

It is usually recommended that each of the services should be based on skin history as well as skin type. Along with that, both of these processes are preferably involved in a yielding a similar kind of visible result. Little or certainly no trauma to the skin is caused by the nanoblading which means that it heals much faster time and also possesses a much higher probability of the definitive strokes. In the finished product, a very important role is played by the skin type with microblading and also a crisp finish is yielded by dry to normal skin types. So, it is clear that the combination to oily skin types can sometimes effectively heal softer. 

As long as proper aftercare is taken for ensuring the outcome, the nanobrows will effectively heal to a crisper finish. In terms of the retention, one of the better options may be considered as the nanobrows if you have previously had your eyebrows. It becomes very difficult for your skin to retain the pigment as the skin is reworked and worked through the process of Microblading. So, it becomes much more difficult for your skin for proper retention of the pigment. For this, nanobrows serve as an effective solution as it mainly allows for a deeper placement and also it embeds the pigment with a digital device. So, it does not cause any kind of damage to the skin. 

Do Nanobrows Hurt?

In the case of the nanobrows, the discomfort is considered to be minimal, and so, at different stages, it shows two (2) numbing ointments for ensuring a painless procedure. 

Do Nanobrows Affect The Existing Hair?

The existing hair is not generally affected by the nanobrows, and so, it can aid the overall stimulation of the hair growth and actually had an opposite effect. There is a gradual penetration of the skin layer where collagen and also dormant follicles reside.

How Long Do Nanobrows Take?

To know it well, you need to consider the several stages such as numbing, usual outlining of the desired shape, pre-drawing of the strokes, the actual process of Nanobrows as well as the fine tuning of the finished process. So, it roughly takes about 3 to 4 hours.

How Much Do Nanobrows Cost?

The price or cost of the Nanobrows may vary, and so, you have to refer to the service page for a general as well as a detailed pricing guide.

Do Different Skin Types React Differently To The Nanobrows?

The thing which is unique to the client is considered as the healed results. The most consistent outcome is generally produced by the Nanobrows, and so, it yields crisp, fine healed results which are regardless of the type of skin. If you have certainly tried the microblading and you had great retention if you have sensitive, oily, acne prone or thicker skin. Nanobrows are generally considered as an excellent alternative to the Microblading. There is a variance in the longevity of Nanobrows, and so, it is attributed to a number of factors including environmental exposure, aftercare as well as skin type. 

Are There Any Reasons Why I May Be Ineligible For Nanobrows?

At perfect Frame, you must be at least 18+ to get this particular service. Also, they refrain from working with those individuals who are nursing or pregnant. They also do a visual consultation with you via email if you are a male client or have previously tattooed eyebrows. It applies before you become eligible for booking an appointment. Also, it is ensured to provide achievable results as well as expectations which coincide with each other. You must ensure your diabetes which is well controlled if you are a diabetic. The overall healing process can be complicated by the high blood sugar levels. They also refrain from working on those individuals who are usually going through chemotherapy because they are at higher risks of infection as well as bleeding. 

How Long Does Nanobrows Last?

When the proper technique is applied, then it usually takes about 24 to 36 months. The longevity of it mainly depends on various lifestyle contributing factors as well as skin types such as chosen pigments, depth, pigment implantation technique, hand technique and movement and also machine experience. In this regard, specific results cannot be guaranteed by it. 

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Lipstick Transfer Proof

We’ve all been there. Having touch-ups every now and then every time our lipstick leave stains on our cups, food, straws, tissues – literally everywhere! Frustrating isn’t it? I definitely know how you feel, that’s why I came up with these ways to make your life easier! Here are 4 easy ways to make your lipstick transfer proof:

  • Use a lip liner

Lip liners have a drier texture compared to the creamy base of a lipstick. The formula in lip liners makes your lipstick stay longer on your lips and make it transfer proof. Before applying your lipstick, apply lip liner on the outline of your lips. Make sure that you choose a shade that’s nearest to the chosen shade of your lipstick or to a neutral shade. Then, fill in your lips with the lip liner. This will also make your lips stand out and be more noticeable. Talking about, hitting two birds with one stone!

Best waterproof lipstick
  • Blot and Powder Up

This is an old-age trick, but totally works every time! After applying the first coat of your lipstick, blot it using a piece of tissue paper. Remember to gently press your lips together between your lips and not forcefully blot it, as this will remove your lip makeup entirely – we obvi don’t want that to happen. This technique absorbs the extra oiliness and moisture and makes your lipstick last longer. You can now add a second and third layer of the lipstick. Don’t forget to blot every time you add a layer! As a finishing touch, add some translucent powder on your lips to finish the sealing formula. Voila! You’re all set!

  • Use a long-lasting formula lipstick

Choosing your lipstick is a crucial decision. I bet every girl can relate to this. If you want to achieve that transfer-proof lip makeup effortlessly, I highly suggest that you choose a matte formula lipstick. This kind of lipstick has a proven long-lasting formula compared to the creamy based lipstick. So when you visit your favorite cosmetic shop, go directly to the matte lipstick section to achieve that effortlessly transfer-proof lip makeup!

If you want to wake up effortlessly beautiful and ready all the time, then the permanent lip makeup is the best for you! This is 100% smudge-proof and transfer-proof. It’s also proven to be safe and will last up to 3 years time. Imagine not having to spend or worry about your lips for that long! Not only will you save money in the long run but it will definitely save you a LOT of time. Make sure to have this procedure with a qualified cosmetic technician and reputable establishment to avoid possible complications. Reminder: do your research before undergoing any procedure. Always!

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Permanent Makeup Expert at Beauty Design Spa

Sophia Chen has been a makeup artist for more than 10 years. Equipped with years of on-hand permanent makeup experience, she loves sharing her insights in her articles.