Probiotics For Skin Care Is Bacteria Good For You?

“After high school it will go away.” This is what I told myself about my acne in high school. Then it was “after college.” And after college I found myself in a vicious cycle; I was buying the latest and greatest skin-cleansing product that promised the moon, but it came with side-effects like “dry skin” […]

How to treat severe eczema at home

Eczema is the most common skin disease around the world. Mostly, sensitive skin owners are the worst victim of it. Such discomfort is just unbearable for any individual. Luckily, there are some initiatives; you can vigorously take to prevent it at home. You may be wondering about how to treat severe eczema at home. Following […]

Are You Blessed with Normal Skin?

It can sometimes be difficult not to feel a bit jealous for those who are struggling with problem skin when they see someone who has perfect, blemish-free skin that was achieved without any effort. Normal skin is what everyone would want if they were given a choice. Words such as ‘radiant’, ‘lovely’, and ‘healthy’ are […]