7 Reasons Your Skin Looks Dull – and How to Get it Glowing

Your skin is a protective barrier that keeps you safe against all kinds of infection, that can otherwise harm your body. Don’t you feel that you should be taking precautionary measures to maintain its inner glow and vitality? However, sometimes your skin looks a little less than glowing.  It can be a condition induced from […]

At Home Remedies To Diminish Rough Skin

ENJOY SOFT SMOOTH SKIN. If you are experiencing rough skin, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the condition is reversible with various treatment options. There are several home remedies to diminish rough skin. FACTS ABOUT ROUGH, DRY SKIN There are several conditions that cause the skin to become rough and flakey. A few of the most common […]

Dry Brushing For Super Soft Skin

Ah, toxins — that modern-day bugaboo the spa crowd has been attacking with increasing ferocity; first internally, with high colonics and BluePrint juice cleanses, and now externally, with dry brushing, an ancient ritual once done in Japan and Greece. They seem so miraculous, in fact, that it’s a wonder more people do not incorporate dry […]