A wedding day is always special. As it’s a major milestone in life, we want to approach it in the best way possible. Whether the bride or groom, everybody wants the day to be as memorable as possible. Naturally, looking at best is one of the top priorities on that day and you know that is not possible without getting the hair right. Every bride wishes to don the perfect hair on their wedding and most turn to the internet to seek inspiration. With no dearth of ideas around, the more important thing is to pick the right one and implement them for a perfect wedding day hair.      

Here are some of the expert tips for a perfect wedding day hair –  

1. Have a schedule for haircut and color  

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Brides should never leave it too late to get a haircut and rather get it done some two to three weeks prior to the big day. This will give the hair ample time to grow back to its perfect length and size. Getting the haircut just a day or two before will not allow to don the perfect hair arrangement. Similarly, hair color too should be done at least one or two weeks prior to the big day so that the new color set it and a natural look is a reality.   

2. Focus on keeping clean hair 

The hair can look dry and out of shape with the regular oil build-up and product accumulation. You can thus use a clarifying shampoo and keep the hair clean. It’s however important to choose the right shampoo which is effective yet does not prove too harsh on the hair. Hair experts also advise brides to shampoo their hair at least two days before the wedding them to maintain the shine, bounce and, luster to their mane. The cleaner your hair the more beautiful it will appear on any day.   

3. Avoid using conditioner and oils on the wedding day  

Some brides make the mistake of using conditioner, oils, and leave-ins on their wedding day in the hope of having the desired bounce and suppleness to their mane. If you did, it would be tough to maintain the style you have always dreamt of leading up to the big day. Even if your hair appears tangled, dry or limp, it’s always better to wash and condition it at least 1-2 days before the big day to make them be at their best. 

4. Have your hair completely dried for a beautiful look   

Soft and beautifully eternal looks are only possible when your hair is completely dry. Because your stylist can’t work best when the hair is not properly dried. Any style can work only if all the portion/part of the hair – whether front or back – is dry. Even if thick hair takes time to dry, you can wash them a day before to have ample time for the desired style to sport. If there is any type of dampness to the hair, chances are the hairstyle may appear frizzy which is not good.     

5. Try removable hair extensions 

If you want Hollywood-styled hair, there are removable hair extensions to fall back on for help. Hair extensions matching the shade, tone, color, and hues of yours are easy to find in the market for help. Plus, you can dye those hair extensions as well by consulting the hairstylist. With extensions, it becomes easy to achieve a fuller look to the hair. More importantly, you can keep extensions in place using spray and can also have them clipped in for the desired celerity look.   

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6. Don’t leave hair experiments till the end    

It’s fine for brides to experiment with different hairstyles and trends. There is absolutely no harm in wishing and trying hairstyles than others have, but then the focus should be on having the one that suits your personality to the T. Any experiment with the hair or hairstyle should get finished weeks prior to the wedding day to avoid last-minute hassles. You can consult the hairstylist and try the hair on the dress for the wedding to see how it comes up. In the end, choose the style that feels good on you.   

7. Avoid major changes to the hair before the wedding night 

Whether you want to sport short hair or long hair or wedding day, you got to be sure about that from the very start. Make sure last-minute changes are not there as in most cases, it can leave brides confused between the tried-and-tested or a new-one. To have trimmed hair, or to use any particular color, or sporting a unique style, all this should be decided at least one or two months prior to the wedding day to avoid needless hassles. That would be like having everything sorted as a top event management company often does.  

9 Expert Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Hair

A wedding is one of the most significant milestones in anyone’s life. So, this goes without saying that you will want to achieve perfection on that day. It is true that most of us turn to the Pinterest for wedding day inspirations. You will find hairstyles for every type of bride there.


But getting inspirations and actually donning the perfect hair are two very separate things. Most of us have the tendency to go for rigorous dieting or a dedicated skincare regime before the wedding, but very few us give our tresses that much of a thought though our hair is equally important.

Your mane plays an important role in determining your looks and thus under no circumstances, you can ignore them. Here are some of the ways in which you can get the desirable hair of your choice on your big day.

  1. Cleaning Makes It Happy and Look Great – In order to remove the product and oil build-up, you should use a clarifying shampoo and that, too, not more than once a week for cleaning hair. You should also use the shampoo just the night before the wedding so that any style can be set.
  2. Keep Your Color and Cut on Schedule – You must go for scheduling a cut about two and half weeks prior to the big day which leaves time for it to grow back.  In case of hair color, you should try to keep up with a routine.  For the highlights, you can wait for about 2-3 weeks before the D-day for the touchup. You should also give some time for the colors to set in so that you can get the natural look on your big day.
  3. Don’t Rule Anything Out – There are a plethora of options to consider at the time preparing your wedding day hair. Just because your hair is super-curly, and you always wear it in a high bun does not mean that the soft finger waves are completely off the table. So irrespective of whether your hair is pin straight, loose, curly or body-waved or a combination of any or all of these, you can still get the hair that you dreamed of as the experts will be taking care of your hair.
  4. Maintenance – There are a lot of women who want to grow their hair longer for their wedding.  But it can happen that you grow your hair and on the D-day when you give your hair-stylist a picture of the style that you want, you realize that it is from the time when your hair was shorter and hence won’t suit you now. This is quite a common phenomenon and that is why your hair color and style have to be fixed about a month before your wedding and the last trim and color should be about 10 days before the wedding. You should never make any major changes to your hair before the wedding.
  5. Consider Keratin Treatments – It is tough to create a style that will last for more than 10 hours of day and night celebration, no matter how good your stylist is. If you hate to see the hair crease or get frizzy, you should consider going for keratin treatment about a couple of weeks before the wedding. This will keep the frizz down by straightening the roots.
  6. Don’t Use Any Leave-Ins, Conditioner or Oils – No matter how tangled, limp or frizzy your hair is and in spite of how tempted you feel to go for the leave-in treatments or switch to deep or oil conditioner you should just stay away from them on your wedding day. The second-day hair is best for holding styles. So, you can use these products about a couple of days before the wedding in order to get the desired results.
  7. Go for Hair Extensions – The clip-in hair extensions happen to be the best hair extensions that can be used, and they should weigh between 160-180 gms. Your head will feel heavy for anything more than that. You should choose a color that is closest to the hair or the hair endings. Before the wedding, you should prepare the extensions and so spray them and brush them every day. Otherwise, they will look fake and won’t look soft and beautiful.
  8. Be Flexible to Change the Hairstyle Through the Night – Every bride wants to go for a hairstyle that does not come in the way of their sight when they are walking down the aisle or exchanging the vows as they want to witness everything. So, ensure that the hair remains stable and settled during the ceremony. After that, you can try a fun updo or let lose the soft curls.
  9. Stay True to Yourself – Finally, it can be said that though for donning the perfect look you can seek inspiration from millions of magazines, movie stars and the internet, but at the end of the day your man has chosen you above everything else and this day is all about you. So, stay true to yourself and don’t change your look entirely. Bring out the best version of you but do not go for any radical changes according to the experts.

The above are some of the tips as suggested by the beauty and care experts who are also associated with reputed event management companies and know exactly which look works and which one doesn’t for any event.

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