The 5 Ways Eyelash Extensions Can Go Wrong

When getting your eyelash extensions, you are probably going to google all of your most asked questions in order to find out the real truth. The process is a bit complicated, and sometimes things can go wrong. However, this is entirely based on the place that you are visiting. As long as you do your research and you invest some time into the process, you will be fine, if not, here is what can go wrong.

Top 5 Ways How Lash Extensions Can Go Wrong

Women are often worried that their permanent extensions might ruin their natural lashes. This is the scariest part about the application itself, however, if and when done right, you will be able to wear your extensions worry-free! Just make sure you watch out for:

1. Shedding & Falling Out

Natural lashes tend to shed every 3-5 weeks, and this is a normal process. When your natural lashes start to shed, your extensions will fall out along with them. This might sound like a scary process, but it is not. Once your extensions fall out you will notice a huge gap in between your lashes. This gap should be filled up with another lash extension pair.

What you should never do is pull out lashes yourself. Once this gap becomes way too visible, don’t be tempted into ripping everything else out. If you are impatient, there are 3 things that you can do:

1. Wait it out and wait for everything to fall out

2. Go for the refill (refills should be done every 3 weeks)

3. Apply strip lashes on top – This is an excellent idea if you can’t get your appointment anytime soon since you can mask the gap with strip lashes.

2. The Glue

The scariest part about the application of your lashes is actually related to glue. Women are often worried about being exposed to heavy chemicals, such as ones found at the adhesive, so they avoid doing extensions. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, or you are prone to allergies, then this idea might not be the best idea. You should know that the glue contains formaldehyde or some similar chemical that can irritate sensitive eyes. Approximately about 1% of the population is allergic to this specific type, which is not a lot. However, a problem may occur if you open your eyes doing the application process. Try to be still and relaxed during the application, so that you avoid any glue dripping into your eye. It won’t make you blind, no worries, but it will sting and irritate your pupils.

3. Professional Staff

Your chosen salon should be certified, professional, and well-trained. Always make sure your esthetician is working with clean and sterile equipment, and that the salon itself is clean and well maintained. An experienced technician will tell you not to touch your eyes after you are done with the application, and to avoid rubbing, tugging, or sleeping on your extension (your stomach). All of this advice will come in handy, and you will prevent any breakage or damage.

4. Never Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes will cause your eyelash extensions to bend, move, and wiggle around. By doing this action, you are actually pulling them from the root, and causing them to split, break, or fall out sooner than expected. Also, you might end up with 0 of your natural lashes as well.

5. Watch Out For Steam

High temperatures, steam, saunas, or humid areas are a bad idea since these surroundings will cause your eyelashes to fall out. Always make sure you avoid high heat, especially during the first 48 hours after getting your extensions.