We can’t all have J-Lo’s flawless skin – or the army of makeup artists paid handsomely to ensure she maintains that youthful glow. But, there’s no need to be green with envy. With some time, knowledge and a solid head-start, you can have luminous skin for life, too.

When to Start Anti-Aging Products?

Yikes, what a loaded question. Now prepare yourself for an evasive answer – there is no universal ‘best age’. It’s really more a matter of what’s your skin type, external factors and yes, age. Lump them together like a ridiculous equation and you’ll quickly uncover the best answer for yourself. 

The Skinny on Skincare

Your skin is the best determiner as to when you should roll out the red carpet for anti-aging products.

Sorry to Burst Your Bad Habits

There are some pesky external factors that will rally against you, so if you really want to prolong your skins youth then, we hate to burst your bubble but these bad habits gotta go!

Fun Fact: If you’re a chain smoker and practice unsafe sun exposure – aka, sans sunscreen – you are 10x more likely to get early wrinkles!  

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The Age Old Question

While there is no set time for when you should start using anti-aging products, dermatologists strongly urge everyone to use sunscreen and moisturize daily (or use a combo product) as your best line of defense against age. Every age has different needs.

Fight the Signs of Age with Anti-Aging Products

It’s inevitable, we all get older, but we can do so more gracefully and without the added expense of makeup artists to customize our beauty routine. You just need to be aware of the three main factors that’ll bring out wrinkles and when to start using anti-aging products – then you’ll shine like J-Lo!

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