The Best Facials You Can Get Today

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Unless you’re living off the grid, you are likely exposed to a lot of dust and pollution, which can take a toll on your skin. Living in an urban area means accepting the reality that pollution and dust will eventually accumulate on your face. This can lead to a variety of skin issues such as breakouts and dull,

lifeless skin. While you can fight the good fight with proper home care, you can never replace the need for regular professional facials to combat environmental effects.

Some people, however, think of getting a facial as a “special event” and not as a regular part of their beauty routine. Your skin is like your hair and nails, all of which require regular treatments to keep them looking healthy. A facial remains one of the best ways to deep-clean congested pores, add moisture, stimulate circulation, and flush excess water and toxins from your skin.

There are now many types of facials that you can choose from. There’s the Oxygen Facial, which pumps concentrated oxygen into your skin, or the Lymphatic Massage Facial, which stimulates the lymphatic glands in your face and promotes toxin elimination. Whichever facial you choose, it should start with a consultation and your provider should tailor it to fit your needs.

To see more of the best facials available today, check out the infographic below.

About the Author

Dr. Shannon York is the Medical Director at Expert Aesthetix in Scottsdale, AZ. She has been working in the field of anti-aging and naturopathic medicine for nearly a decade now. An expert in all aspects of aesthetic medicine, Dr. York specializes in women’s health, injectables, medical weight loss, natural hormone replacement therapy, and anti-aging nutrition.

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