The Business of Self-Care for Busy Entrepreneurs

While entrepreneurs may love making their dreams come true and building a business, they often forget to take time for themselves. Self-care is essential for everyone, but especially so for those who wear several professional hats. Tending to physical, mental, and emotional health helps business owners maintain focus and deliver their all to whatever they do. These insights can help entrepreneurs achieve more by focusing on themselves with the same intensity they give to their businesses.


While everyone breathes all the time, intentional breathing eases stress, clears the mind, and improves concentration. Taking deep, full breaths helps to lower blood pressure, lessen anxiety and slow the heart. Taking a few minutes to breathe with intention and engage in other relaxation techniques such as meditation assists entrepreneurs to recalibrate their focus.


Busy business people may feel they don’t have time for exercise, but breaking up a routine into small chunks typically helps them overcome the hurdle. Going for a brisk walk before or after work or during lunch can do wonders for one’s physical and psychological health. Forming an exercise group with other entrepreneurs could be a great way to network and learn how to fit exercise into a busy schedule. 

Form an LLC

While not a standard example of self-care, forming an LLC when you run a business can take off a lot of the stress that comes with being an entrepreneur. Forming an LLC may not only help bring in more business, but it also offers limited liability, tax benefits, less paperwork, and more flexibility. Those looking to avoid expensive lawyer fees can either file the legal forms themselves or use a formation service like ZenBusiness

Outsource Duties

Depending on their business sector, entrepreneurs may have several administrative tasks to learn and complete on their own, such as bookkeeping and accounting. While business owners often use software to take care of such jobs, they may be better off hiring a professional to handle the tasks for them. That way, they receive personalized service and stand less risk of violating the law or unintentionally undercutting their business potential. 

Enjoy a Home Spa Day

It’s unnecessary to spend a lot of money to book a day at the spa when I’m Fabulous offers plenty of products for home use. Something as simple as dry brushing, followed by a relaxing soak in the tub with a moisturizing mask, or applying a face peel goes a long way in providing stress relief. Even better, a home spa day helps entrepreneurs look and feel their best.

Eat Healthily

Nutrients, vitamins, and supplements help business owners keep going while feeling great. It’s easy to fall back on unhealthy food when you don’t have much time or energy to cook, but advanced meal-prepping or making large batches of healthy dishes makes eating right easier.

Another benefit of healthy eating is a possible reduction in doctor’s visits and the resulting bills. As stated by the CDC, adopting healthy eating practices can help ward off many chronic illnesses. So look for ways to make healthy living an easy option. Keep filtered water on hand, as well as healthy snacks, and opt for smaller plates to keep your portions under control. 

While entrepreneurs don’t have to be in the business of self-care, they should partner with it. Taking time to enrich your life is vital. It’s a business and personal relationship that gives back in more ways than one. 

If you need more guidance in learning how to take better care of your skin, book a skincare consultation through I’m Fabulous today!