The Secret to Glowing Skin is Organic

Statistics released in 2017 concluded that the global organic market value was worth $11.5 billion and is expected to expand at a rate of 11.1% over the course of 2018 to 2026. It seems the ‘less is more’ camp is steadily gaining momentum, with more people than ever before opting for natural products over chemical cosmetics for their skin. Food has increasingly become a part of skin care with things like the use of avocado as a face mask, application of aloe vera to clear blemishes and even the drinking of green tea to decrease sebum in the skin and reduce inflammation levels.

Why You Should Consider Going Natural

Opting to use natural skin care products may be the gift you can give to your skin. Basically, natural and organic products have no added synthetic compounds mixed into them. This gives you a number of benefits, the first being the fragrance. The scent of natural products is different from artificially created scents. For instance, if you use natural rose cream, manufacturers use actual rose petals to make the natural product so the scent it will have will be authentic. Natural products will also make your skin softer as they lack the drying agents added to chemical products. Because of all these advantages and the growing interest in natural skin care, it is predicted that 2019 will see significant growth in this sector. There will be increased use of elderberries and red radishes to color cosmetics for instance.

The Use of Activated Charcoal

When most of us think of charcoal, we associate it with burning wood and fire. However, in the field of natural beauty, activated charcoal is one of the top rated natural supplements. After obtaining charcoal by burning a mass of carbon, it can be activated by being placed in a furnace and passing oxygen or steam through it. The use of activated charcoal is widespread, most notably as a teeth whitener with many toothpaste manufacturers now including charcoal in their products. It can also be used in a face mask and functions to bind oil and dirt to the mask which helps clear pimples. In this way, it cleans our pores of the toxins and pollutants that affect our complexion.

Going Natural is Also Going Plastic-Free

Perhaps one of the greatest impacts the natural beauty trend will have will be the push against the use of plastic to package cosmetics. This has been driven by the statistics showing that 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans every day. More and more people are trying to bring this number down by opting to eliminate plastics from their skincare routine. This will see the increased production of biodegradable packaging and refillable containers.

As we try to remove toxins from our bodies and reduce our carbon footprint by producing less synthetic products, the trend towards natural beauty and skin care is only expected to gain momentum.

Article by Cindy Gasman

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