Top 8 travel beauty tips that may help you

So, you’re all set with your travel plans and bookings. But hey! Did you forget to look for some good travel beauty tips? 

Yes, of course, you may have selected the best ever destinations to travel, there might be a really great stuff to deal with. But what if you could not do anything good with your appearance? Perhaps it would all become a part of an average experience. And you would probably not want that.

Even if you’re not much of makeup woman, it would be certainly helpful to consider some basic makeup tips. We are therefore going to discuss some easy makeup Product guidance that you can utilize when you travel next time.

The Best Travel Beauty Tips You May Consider

While traveling, you may not need to be too special with makeup. However, it should be such that you just manage to be presentable enough (well this should be your own choice). Here are some tips that you may consider for help:

1.    Moisturize

It is really important that your skin is hydrated enough at least when you travel, this becomes a priority. Dry skin can irritate you all the way, more than anything else. It is, however, the best to make use of intense moisturizers at night. It keeps your skin from getting too oily.


The night before you set out, it’s perfect to use one of the best moisturizers of your choice. They’re going to be a lot of dehydrating environments around you every day. Therefore, it’s better to prepare yourself beforehand.    

There are a lot of suggestible brands of course, but personalizing your pick for moisturizers would always be the best. You can include this as the best travel skin care tips.

2.    Forget the Foundation

Instead of a foundation, on the day of your trip, wear only the moisturizer. And before you land, you may add up a tinted moisturizer for a fresh look. It is not always necessary to burden your skin with heavy layers of foundation. Still, if you are not willing to leave home without foundation; experts suggest using a primer before that.

Primer acts as a protection between the makeup and the skin and would help perfectly to let the blush and foundation last longer and also keep your skin hydrated. It is, however, more suggestible. You can still manage to look amazing.

3.    Mist with Mineral Water

Rather than globing on more foundation or blush to look fresh, it would be much better to use mineral water. Utilize a mister of mineral water and add on a dab of moisturizer. This could be the most perfect way to attain a fresh look.

Adding on more layers of foundation would make it all heavy and look unclean. You can plan it way more easily.

4.    Blot out Oily Skin

As you may have traveled considerably a long distance, it is certain that your skin gets oily. Your skin getting oily is probably a case. Oily skin may also cause further many problems that may disturb you later. You anyhow need to keep it in control. You can use rice papers or blotting papers as frequently as you want.

This is somewhat more necessary for the ‘T’ zone. You need to be careful that you dab away the extra oil and shine without really stripping out moisture that is important to make you look fresh. Oily skin is not at all acceptable; therefore, you need to deal with it in the best manner.

5.    Add some shimmer

Traveling could leave you feeling a bit green around the gills. However, moving further with a sallow, tired complexion is not acceptable. You can drive it away with a soft shimmer cream or powder.

For better effects, stroke it on the top of your cheeks, and bridge of the lips and nose. No matter how tired you are, pick it up and do the stuff. Further, to add moisture and color without dehydrating the skin, use a combination of lip balm and cream blush.

6.    Skip Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Long-lasting lipsticks can dehydrate your lips. In order to sustain the lip color that you want to prevail all through your trip, it is better you skip a long lasting lipstick. Instead, you can use several layers of lip stain to color your lips well.

Let the lip stain dry and top it with a clear gloss. You can keep reapplying the gloss throughout your trip. This will give a “just-made-up” fresh look to your lips. Lipsticks would pose a much different situation needing you to reapply it and creating a different shade every time. You should, therefore, manage it likewise.

7.    Apply Lip Treatment Liberally

You would always be advised to use the lip treatment liberally when you’re traveling. As per experts, during your flight, you must have a medicated lip balm that would keep your lipstick from getting rubbed off and also keeping the lips hydrated.

It will be preferable during a bus or train ride also where air conditioning could be a reason for your lips getting dehydrated. You, therefore, need to make use of your lip treatment very smartly.

8.     Chill out Puffy Eyes

Who will ever want to travel the world with irritating, puffy eyes? Long trips, on the other hand, are likely to cause under-eye puffiness for you. Well, to deal with this issue, put in some crushed ice in a washcloth and keep it under your eyes.

You will not only get rid of puffy eyes soon but would also feel fresh instantly. You may need to continue this as you travel to different places. The best time to do this is probably when you get back to rest at night. This would keep you fresh and ready for the next day’s explorations.

Further to be explained in fewer words, rather than complicating things into a mess with multiple products, you can rather keep it easy going with some tricks.

There are still a lot of things that could be done in order to let attain flawless experiences. However, for the most basic considerations, you can try the above-mentioned travel beauty tips. 

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